Job Interview Questions: Going Above And Beyond At Work

When conducting job interviews, employers will inevitably look for employees who display their eagerness to go above and beyond at work. The best employees are always those who take the initiative to do more than just the basic requirements when dealing with their responsibilities. There are some employees who simply follow their instructions to the letter. While they may do their jobs well, employees who merely follow instructions and never innovate when carrying out their tasks will never be of the same standing in their employers’ eyes as those who are used to going beyond the call of duty.

The important thing at your job interview is to be able to convey the message that you are the kind of person who will always go above and beyond at work. The tricky part lies in working that aspect into your interview without sounding arrogant or desperate. The best way to do this is to subtly let it slip in when answering a question that your interviewer asks you.

How To Work Going Above And Beyond Into One Of Your Interview Answers

You need to remember not to rush to insert your description of yourself as someone who goes above and beyond at work. Some people are so focused on saying what they want to, that they forget that they are there to answer their interviewer’s questions and not to make a presentation. The key is to respond appropriately when you are asked a question.

A good example of a question where it would be appropriate to give a description of yourself as going above and beyond at work is if your interviewer asks you to list your strengths or describe your best attributes. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to include your best personal characteristics, including your inclination to go beyond the call of duty.

You also need to frame your answer properly. If you were to simply tell your interviewer that you go above and beyond at work and leave it at that, you will most probably not leave a lasting impression on your interviewer. If you include a concrete example in your answer however, you will have a much more lasting impact on your interviewer. If you are just entering the workforce and do not have prior job experience, then you might wish to use a college project or something similar as an example.

Be sure to use the right tone of voice when answering this question. You do not want to come across as cocky but you also want to add the right amount of enthusiasm so your interviewer knows you are telling the truth. Take pride in your work, but also be humble in realizing that your achievements would probably be outshone by those of your interviewer.

Going above and beyond at work is a trait greatly desired by employers and if you are able to show your interviewer that you possess this trait, you will be well on your way to making a good impression and landing that job you are applying for.

Examples of Going Above and Beyond at Work

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