Should You Send A Thank You Letter After An Interview?

Should you send a thank you letter after an interview? The answer is a resounding yes. There are a few reasons behind the practice of sending a thank you letter after a job interview, which will be explored in greater detail in the paragraphs below.

A Thank You Letter Shows Your Appreciation

First and foremost, a thank you letter is what its name suggests – a letter to thank your interviewer for the time and effort they expended when conducting your interview. You definitely should let your interviewer know that you acknowledge the work they put into organizing your interview, coming up with questions to gauge your suitability for the job and for taking the time to talk to you. An interviewer who thinks you are not appreciative of their efforts would most certainly be less kindly disposed towards your application.

A Thank You Letter Gives You An Edge Over the Competition

Another reason why you should write a thank you letter after an interview is because it has become an accepted practice. These days, most job applicants take the trouble to write a thank you letter after their job interview just to thank their interviewer and to let them know that they are still interested in the job. In fact, some managers have even adopted the approach that an applicant who does not take the trouble to write a thank you letter is not displaying enough interest in the job and so should not be hired. Sending a thank you letter could therefore mean the difference between landing the job you applied for and having to continue your arduous search for a new job.

Using Your Thank You Letter To Your Advantage

Many people treat the thank you letter as something they have to do and need only get out of the way. If you approach writing your thank you letter with this mindset, then writing that letter will serve no purpose other than to get a chore out of your way. If, however, you approach your thank you letter with the intention of having it serve some purpose, then you will most probably benefit from sending in a thank you letter after an interview. The rationale behind this is that every opportunity you have to communicate with your interviewer is another opportunity for you to demonstrate just how suitable you are for the job.

Beyond merely writing a few lines worth of platitudes expressing your thanks to your interviewer, why not take the chance to do a form of follow-up on your interview? You will undoubtedly have left some loose ends during your interview that you were not able to deal with before your time was up. Questions that you answered wrong or doubts that you raised in your interviewer’s mind might continue to haunt you after your interview. Your thank you letter is the perfect place to deal with those doubts and questions.

If you feel that you would answer a question differently from how you answered it during your interview, simply say so in your thank you letter. You should do likewise with any doubts that you think your interviewer might still have after your interview. This way, sending a thank you letter after an interview no longer needs to be a thankless chore, but turns instead into an important part of the job application process. At the same time, it also betters your chances of landing that job you really want. 

Example of a Thank You Letter After An Interview

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