The Job Interview Thank You Letter: Samples Of What To Say

Anybody who has written a thank you letter in one form or another before, whether it was to thank someone for their help or for inviting you to an event would automatically assume that they should be able to write a job interview thank you letter without too much trouble. The problem however, is that a thank you letter that you send to the person who conducted your job interview is very different from a thank you letter you might send socially. If you are unsure as to where to get started, you should know that there are certain accepted guidelines that you can use to help you through the process of writing a job interview thank you letter.

Getting Started on the Right Foot

The opening paragraph of your thank you letter is the most important paragraph in the entire letter. This is the paragraph where you express your appreciation for your interviewer taking the time and trouble to interview you. Many interviewers see it as a mark of professional courtesy that job applicants thank them for their efforts, and if you do not do so, your standing in your interviewer’s eyes will be lowered.

A good way to start out your job interview thank you letter would be to say that you deeply appreciate your interviewer taking the time and effort out of their busy schedule to sit down and talk to you. You know that conducting interviews can be an arduous process for interviewers and that you acknowledge their hard work. It is also good to end your opening paragraph with an offer to help your interviewer clear any doubts or questions that he or she might have.

Getting Down To Business In Your Thank You Letter

Once you have thanked your interviewer in your thank you letter, you should definitely not let the opportunity to further market yourself pass you by. Too many people take the name ‘thank you letter’ at face value, and write letters that only convey their appreciation to their interviewers and nothing more. Your thank you letter, however, is really another means by which you can reiterate to your interviewer the strong points on your resume and exactly why you are suitable for the job.

In your second paragraph, you should express your enthusiasm for the job, followed by strong examples of what you can bring to the job. You will need to show your interviewer exactly what the company stands to gain by hiring you.

In your remaining paragraphs, you should attempt to engage the interviewer on their own concerns. If, for example, you know that the company you are applying to is looking specifically for applicants with experience in positions of leadership, then you should respond directly to that. You could start by writing how you realize that the company is on the lookout for candidates with leadership abilities and how you think you fit the profile of a leader. You should then go on to list whatever prior experience you might have in leadership roles or holding positions of responsibility.

The examples listed so far should give you a fair idea of what you should include in your job interview thank you letter, and make the process of writing this important document that much easier for you.

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