The Important Parts Of An Information Technology Cover Letter

A cover letter is essentially a form of written introduction which you append to your resume for your interviewer to read before going through the rest of your resume. Just like when you meet someone face-to-face, first impressions play a major role in affecting how that person will treat you in your subsequent meetings. There are thus certain things that you must remember when writing an information technology cover letter, so as to avoid giving your interviewer a bad first impression.

Salient Features of an Information Technology Cover Letter

Your information technology cover letter should be a single page in length, and include a header, introduction, body and closing. The introduction section is perhaps the most important, because it contains the first words from your resume that your interviewer will read. For this reason, you must ensure that this section is well thought out and well written. You have to take the effort to introduce yourself and your achievements in an interesting and original manner, while still including everything that makes you suitable for a job in information technology.

Another good way to draw attention to your suitability for the job you are applying for is if you make use of industry jargon in your information technology cover letter. This will show your interviewer that you are not merely someone with no experience or training in the area applying for the job just to test his luck. Instead, it shows your interviewer that you are a serious applicant intent on landing the job that he is uniquely suited for and will perform well in.

Linking Your Cover Letter With The Rest Of Your Resume

While your cover letter serves as a written introduction to who you are, the rest of your resume is extremely important as well, and you need to connect your information technology cover letter with the achievements and qualifications that you put down in the main part of your resume.

In order to do this, the body of your cover letter should act as the linking element. The body of your information technology cover letter should be a section on what you have to offer your prospective employer. To that end, you might already have included all of your achievements, characteristics and qualifications in the rest of your resume. Thus you have an excellent opportunity to explain or elaborate on the achievements and qualifications that you merely listed in other parts of your resume.

Finally your closing paragraph should be a follow-up paragraph in which you give your interviewer the details of how you will follow up on your resume. You might choose to visit the company’s offices or call to indicate your continuing interest in applying for the job. Your follow up is another great way to make use of the more detailed information that you have listed in the main section of your resume. When doing your follow-up and attempting to persuade your prospective employer to grant you an interview, you can reiterate why you are so interested in applying for the job and the key qualifications that make you suitable for the job.

In this way, you will be better able to link your information technology cover letter to the rest of your resume, thus giving your entire resume greater coherence and making it that much more compelling when your interviewer reads through it.

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