How Important Is A Job Interview Thank You Letter?

Sending in your job interview thank you letter is just like crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s – something is quite obviously missing without it. Most people harbor the misconception that the entire process of a job interview is limited to that short span of time that you are actually sitting in front of your interviewer. The truth however, is that what you do before and after your job interview can be just as important as the physical interview itself. In short, if you want a chance at getting that job, then you better send in that thank you letter.

Why bother with a Job Interview Thank You Letter?

A job interview thank you letter is the best way of informing your interviewer and prospective employers that you are still interested in applying for a job. Statistics indicate that quite a few job applicants actually go on to decline the job offer even after getting through the interview. Employers have therefore become wary of offering a job to an applicant who does not take the minimal effort required to send in a simple thank you letter after their job interview.

A simpler reason for sending in a job interview thank you letter is that even job interviewers like to feel appreciated. Interviewing job applicants is by no means an easy task, and it is often also a thankless one – successful job applicants quickly forget their interviewers and unsuccessful applicants often blame their failure on their interviewers. A thank you letter is a nice way of letting your interviewer know that you appreciate his or her taking the time to talk to you and find out whether you are a suitable candidate for the job.

Do’s And Don’ts When Writing A Thank You Letter

The most important thing to remember when writing a job interview thank you letter is that the interview process is not over yet! Your thank you letter is just as much a part of the interview process as the physical interview. Keeping this firmly in mind will help you maintain your focus as you write your thank you letter. It will also ensure that you keep the right tone of voice in your letter, as you must remember to use a fairly formal register.

Be positive in your letter, so as to reinforce good impressions your interviewer has formed of you and to ameliorate any bad impressions. To that end, you should sound enthusiastic and sincere in thanking your interviewer for taking time of their busy schedule to interview you. You should also reiterate key points such as what makes you keen to land this job and why you are particularly suited to it.

Finally, do your best to be different when writing your job interview thank you letter. Your interviewer will likely be receiving many tens or even hundreds of thank you letters, and will almost certainly not take the time to read all of them. Writing your thank you letter in such a way that it stands out from those other letters will help to ensure that your interviewer does actually read your letter. One easy way to keep your letter different is to not start with the words ‘thank you’. Be creative and think out of the box and your interviewer is sure to remember your job interview thank you letter in a positive light.

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