After the Interview: Sending a Thank You Letter

Using a resume is the first step in impressing a potential employer and getting your foot in the door. The second step is attending an in person interview wherein you can connect one on one with a potential employer to truly show them what you are made of. However, does the process stop there after the interview? The truth is that is doesn’t have to. You should consider sending a thank you letter once you have completed your in person interview.

Many individuals have debated whether or not it is appropriate to even consider sending a thank you letter after their interview. Many people see this as a form of “sucking up.” However, sending a thank you letter can be an excellent step to take in order to remain in the minds of those individuals who interviewed you. It is also an excellent way to further show a potential employer just how interested you are in obtaining the position that you applied for.

Rules Of Etiquette For Sending Thank You Letters

The first thing you want to consider when you begin thinking about sending a thank you letter to an employer after your in-person interview is the professionalism that you will exhibit in your letter. There is a fine line that you will be walking when it comes to writing this type of thank you letter.  A thank you letter will allow you to be personal and professional at the same time. You just have to be sure that you don’t cross the line and be seen as being unprofessional in the manner in which you present your thank you letter.

A thank you letter should be brief and short. Don’t overdo it! You simply should thank the employer for their time and for their consideration. There’s no need to write a long and detailed letter that recounts your job experience and your desire for working for their company. You should simply thank them briefly for allowing you to come in for an interview. This type of “short and sweet” letter is an excellent way to keep your name on the minds of those individuals who interviewed you after the interview process is completed.

Are Thank You Letter Effective When It Comes To Acquiring Employment?

Often times when you walk out of an interview you may not truly be remembered by the employer. They may have placed your name in a stack of resumes that they wish to call back or to offer a job to or to consider.  However, you may not have stood out in such a way that they can’t stop thinking about you. When you take it upon yourself to send a thank you letter after you have attended an interview, you will simply be reminding them of your interest and will be reminding them of who you are. This will keep your name on their minds and could possibly cause them to place your resume back on the top of their stack.

In short, thank you letters are effective when it comes to gaining attention from potential employers, and are a great way to make an extra impression.

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