Preparing A Job Interview Checklist

The most common mistakes that applicants make when they attend an interview is not preparing themselves for their interview. If you truly want to succeed in your interviews and want to truly impress the individuals who are interviewing you, then you must truly focus on preparing yourself for these interviews even before you step foot out of your door. 

With that in mind you need to consider the information presented in this checklist. The preparing for an interview checklist presented herein has assisted hundreds of thousand of individuals in truly getting into the right frame of mind before venturing off to their interviews.

Checklist Item #1: Supplies – The first thing you want to make sure you have on hand are supplies that you may need to take advantage of during your interviews. These supplies should include a folder to carry extra resumes in and to place items in that the interviewer may give you while you are in the interview. You should also bring an ink pen with you so that you can take notes during your interview and jot down important information that you may discover.

Checklist Item #2: Extra Resumes – Always be sure to bring an extra resume or two with you. You never know when a potential employer may have misplaced your original resume. If you bring extra resumes with you, you can be prepared to provide them your credentials immediately.

Checklist Item #3: Etiquette Concerns – This is one of the most important items on the preparing for an interview checklist. Make sure that you allow enough time for you to arrive at your interview on time. The worse thing you can do is show up late. It’s always better to arrive early for an interview.  Secondly, if you carry a cell phone with you leave it in your car or shut it off before entering your interview. Don’t even leave it on vibrate as it could prove to be hugely distracting if it keeps ringing constantly.

Checklist Item #4: Food And Drinks – Before conducting your interview you may be tempted to down a gallon worth of energy drinks just to keep your energy level up! However, this could be a mistake. These types of drinks can generally leave you unfocused or even cause you to be shaky.  Therefore, you should avoid them at all costs prior to attending an interview.   In this same regard be sure to eat something light before attending your interview. This way your blood sugar is maintained and you don’t appear shaky. It will actually calm you down whilst you are going through your interview.

Checklist Item #5: Relax – Above all else relax! Though these interviews are important you don’t want to seem over eager or nervous. Take a deep breathe and relax. Speak slowly and think before you answer any question.  The calmer you appear, the better your chances are at obtaining the position that you are being interviewed for.

Follow the steps in this preparing for an interview checklist and you will surely find much relief and will truly be prepared for whatever may come in your interviews.

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