How To Handle Yourself During Multiple Manager Interviews

Though most companies choose to take advantage of a Human Resources department, which simply hire a single individual to hire their staff members and interview them, many companies will actually require applicants to go through multiple interviews in a single setting. These interviews are then conducted by multiple managers within the company and are generally known as multiple manger interviews. Many companies rely on these types of interviews in order to gain different opinions and information from each manager who takes part in the interviewing process.

These types of multiple manager interviews have been known to produce a higher quality of employees; this is due in part to several reasons. For instance, an applicant who may be unqualified may be able to convince one manager that they have the skills needed in order to obtain the position which they are applying for. However, the chances of this same applicant fooling multiple interviewers are slim to none. Therefore, this type of process can generally weed out weak applicants.

When you learn that you will be taking part in multiple manager interviews, there are numerous tips and suggestions that you should keep in mind. These tips and suggestions will assist you with truly convincing these managers that you are the best choice for their open vacancy.

Simple To Follow Multiple Manager Interview Tips

The first thing you need to focus on is consistency. Keep in mind that each manager who is interviewing you may ask you the same question as a previous manger. You will want to remain consistent with the manner in which you answer these “like” questions. If you fail to do this, this could result in the managers believing that you are not being open and honest with them. Remember, that all of these managers will meet with one another and will analyze the manner in which you answered specific questions. If they notice that you have answered the same question differently for each of them, they may begin to question your general consistency.

Another major element that you will want to consider is the length of your interview. If you are being interviewed by multiple managers in a row this process could run a few hours. The main thing you want to keep in mind is keeping your energy level high throughout the entire process. Don’t be completely energetic with the first manager, only to fade out and become quiet in the interviews with the last two managers. You will want to maintain the same level of energy throughout so that each manager can gain the same opinion about you and your attitude and general demeanor.

Multiple manager interviews may seem intimidating! The truth is they are supposed to be. These types of interviews are designed to find the best possible applicants available in the work force. Therefore, you should take these types of interviews very seriously, because chances are that is the way that these managers are looking at them. So keep your energy level high and remain consistent from one manger to the next.

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