The Importance Of Being Honest In Your Resume And Interviews

When seeking out employment at any type of company, it is crucial that you are completely open and honest in all aspects of your interviews. This also includes being honest with the information that you are presenting in your resume. Oftentimes individuals will blatantly lie in their resumes or will provide false information in hopes of gaining attention from potential employers. Other applicants will place what they consider to be little “white lies” in their resumes in order to make themselves appear more experienced and more valuable.

The problem with these types of lies is that you are completely getting off on the wrong foot with these potential employers. Not only that, but you also run the risk of being terminated from the company to which you are applying. If a company discovers that you have been dishonest in the way that you presented yourself in your resume or in the information which you provided them during your initial in person interviews, they are legally able to terminate you. This is just one of the main reasons and most important reasons that you should consider when it comes to not being honest in your resume.

Why Are People Dishonest In Their Resumes?

There are two main areas of interest on resumes wherein most applicants are dishonest. The first area of interest is their job history. Many applicants may have gaps between years and places of employment. They are fearful that these gaps in employment will present a negative image for themselves and they go to great lengths to fake or decrease the amount of gaps in their employment history in order to convince a potential employer that they are reliable and are responsible. 

The problem with lying about these gaps in work history is that a potential employer can quickly and easily check your past employment history when running your references. They can contact your past employers and can determine what your exact years and months of employment were. They can also determine if you left the company on your own terms or if you were terminated from your position.  

Given the many loopholes that are bound to arise once you start lying, you should never even consider not being honest when it comes to this section of your resume. Keep in mind that it is relatively easy for a potential employer to check out any of the information mentioned in your resume. It is crucial to be honest if you truly want to gain employment.

The second most common area of interest within resumes wherein applicants are dishonest is in their education section. Most applicants are under the impression that employers will not bother to check out the education of their applicants before hiring them. That’s not true; many employers will actually ask you to provide them with proof of your diploma or degree before they will even consider hiring you.

Whether it is your education or your experience, it is always best to be honest when it comes to your education or lack thereof. Just be ready to explain to a potential employer why you have not graduated or sought out further education or why you chose to leave your previous employ.

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