Using Graphics And Images On Your Resume

Resume Example The importance of a powerful and attention grabbing resume cannot be underestimated. When you are crafting your resume, it is crucial that you do whatever is in your power to make your resume stand out above everybody else’s.  When crafting their resume, many people will inevitably look at the different formats that they can utilize to help draw attention to their resumes.  Some of these techniques will be more valuable than others however, so you will want to be careful about which solutions you turn to.  While the use of graphics and other images are highly effective, they are only beneficial in the right circumstances.

What Do Graphics and Images Do?

When you have graphics and images as a part of your resume, it will typically give off the impression that you feel the need to pack your particular resume with filler material. While graphics and images can make your resume seem glossy and professional, it can sometimes actually give off the impression that you feel the need to make your resume look good only because you do not have the qualifications or the confidence to make your resume stand out on its own merit.

Your resume is supposed to showcase your quality of work and all of your experience.  Using images to fill out your resume is ultimately only going to give off the appearance that you do not feel like your resume is capable of speaking for you.  It inadvertently betrays a lack of professionalism, which is the one thing you want to project the most.  Any hiring company needs to know that the person they are planning on investing in is someone who has the potential to give them top quality work.  It is crucial that your resume shows that you are this person.

When Would Graphics and Images Be Appropriate?

There will be cases; however, where including graphics and images in your resume would be appropriate.  Those circumstances will come about when you are applying for a job that would involve graphic design and other design-oriented jobs.  If you are going to be hired for a position which requires you to work closely with various graphic images, you will want to prove that you have the knowledge and the ability to produce great looking graphics that will sell well.  In one of these cases, building those graphics and images into your resume will be a crucial factor.

You will still want to keep these graphics and images separate from the rest of the resume, however.  Employers will want to have something, which is easily referenced to help them find a listing of your qualifications.  Graphics and other images that go with one of these resumes should be given as attachments, helping you to easily show off your diverse body of work without forcing you to insert those images into your resume itself.  You should be able to display your resume as well as your body of graphics all in one document, without portraying any hint of unprofessionalism.

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