Getting Past Age Discrimination

One major concern amongst individuals who are seeking out employment is the question of age discrimination. Older individuals who are looking to get back into the workforce are more acutely aware that age discrimination does exist in this current day and age. With that in mind, more and more people are looking for innovative ways of getting past age discrimination so that they can be gainfully employed despite being considered “old”. The good news is that getting past age discrimination is not as difficult as it may seem. 

First and foremost, you should be aware that age discrimination is illegal.  Therefore, a company cannot simply decide against hiring you just on basis of your age. If you are physically and mentally capable of completing the job, then you cannot be turned down just because of your age. Moreover, if you have the skills and training necessary to complete any job, age is a non-issue.

The first step that you can take in getting past age discrimination is by being careful in the way in which you compose and craft your professional resume.  Start by seeking out current resume formats. The format of resumes that you once used when you first got started in the work world would most probably be considered outdated when compared to the resume formats that are considered standard today. Therefore, you will need to be sure that you are planning out and laying out your resume in a professional and effective manner that is current with the times.

How To Avoid Age Discrimination From The Get-Go!

Many older individuals will make major notice of their age in their resume and will craft detailed cover letters that clearly point out their age in the manner in which they reveal information about themselves. This will generally put up a “red flag” that you are an older individual. The idea to avoid age discrimination from the beginning is to be sure that your resume never truly lays out your age in an obvious manner.

What you want to do with your resume is show a potential employer that you have the skills and education needed in order to seriously be considered for a position at their company. You want to show them that you are the best person for their job. If you can do this without revealing your age, you will be triumphant in defeating the bug-bear of age discrimination. 

Once you have proven to a potential employer that you are qualified for their position through the use of your resume, you will succeed in getting your foot in the door. These potential employers will not be aware of your age until they meet you in person for your interview. However, you will already be one step ahead of your competition by the mere fact that you have already enticed them to invite you in for an interview based on your previous work experience and skills.

The best way to avoid age discrimination is to not let your age affect you!  If your age does not affect you, then chances are it also will not affect your chances of obtaining the desired employment.

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