Avoid Slamming Your Old Employer

When seeking out employment in an industry that you are passionate about, you may often be tempted to speak negatively about a past employer in order to gain favorable attention from a potential new employer. Many people feel that if they are staying within the same industry and they speak poorly about another company in the same industry that will help them curry favor with their new employers and earn them huge brownie points. While theoretically this may sound like a good idea, you should avoid slamming your old employer at all costs! In fact, the moment you say anything negative about an old employer you could actually jeopardize any chance you may have of clinching the job.

This is very true when it comes to both, in person interviews as well as information that you present in your resume. Many resume writers will use their cover letter to point out their negative experiences while working for the company’s main competitor. When you do this, not only do you create a bad image of your old employer but you also create a poor representation of yourself. A poor representation that could actually endanger your chances of gaining the employment that you desire.

Why You Should Avoid Slamming Your Old Employer

One of the main reasons you should avoid slamming your old employer is because it immediately creates a poor image of yourself. A potential employer could see your slamming of an old employer as a poor quality trait. They may assume that you are a whiney person who is simply looking for any reason to complain. Therefore, they may pass up on hiring you, fearful that you will constantly complain while working for them or that when you leave their company that you may turn around and slam them as well.

No one wants to hire an individual who seems to be bitter. The moment you show a potential employer that you are bitter person who holds grudges, they may assume that you will bring that same attitude to their company. Most employers are also aware that this type of attitude can quickly spread from one person to another and if they were to hire you, they would be fearful that your attitude would affect everyone else around you that you work with. This could result in a collectively poor work ethic and could result in future problems for the company.

How To Avoid Slamming An Old Employer

The best way to avoid slamming an old employer is not to talk about them unless asked. Even when asked about a past employer, avoid speaking negatively about them. Just explain why you are no longer employed with them in as professional and respectable a manner as you can muster. There is no need to recount every reason why you hate your old employer and why you are now looking for new employment.  

As the old adage goes- “if you have nothing nice to say; don’t say anything at all.” It’s far better to just keep your opinions to yourself rather than to say something or to place something in your resume that will reflect poorly on you in the long run.

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