Word Format Vs. Text Format And Why You Need Both

Apart from crafting the content within your resume in a professional and effective manner, you will also need to consider how you will format your resume. This is especially important if you are submitting your resume online. You have to keep in mind that most employers who seek out and accept resumes online have very strict formatting rules in place to ensure that they can easily view your resume without any problems. With that in mind, you must consider Word format vs. Text format and why you need both.

At one time most companies who accepted resumes online would simply ask for potential applicants to submit their resumes in the body of emails.  However, when it came to printing up these resumes companies would immediately run into various formatting issues. Therefore, companies began to accept resumes in two general formats; Word or Text format. 

The problem is most people who put their resumes together will simply format them based on their personal preferences or based on the writing software that they use. However, just because you prefer one type of format or one type of writing software, does not mean that all potential employers will accept this type of file format.

For years many people would convert their resumes over to Adobe .PDF format, believing it to be the most professional manner in which to submit resumes online. However, more and more companies frown on this type of format due to the size of the files that are produced and in some cases because the company does not have the proper software to open and view these types of resumes. Given all these issues, it has now become an accepted industry standard that all resumes are either presented in Word or Text format.

How Do I Convert My Resume Into One Of These Two Formats?

90% of all writing software that comes packaged with computers allows you to save your resume in both Word format and Text format. So all you have to do is go to the “SAVE AS” function in your writing software and choose the Word or Text file extension.

If your writing software does not feature these options you can simply run an online search for a free conversion website or utility that you can use in order to convert your resume to either Word of Text. The good news is that there are literally hundreds of these free services available.

How Do I Know What Format I Should Submit My Resume In?

When it comes to Word format vs. Text format and why you need both, you will need to check this out with the company you are submitting your resume to. You will simply have to ask them how they would like for you to submit your resume and in which format they choose. Just be aware that 95% of all companies within the United States will accept either Word or Text format. This is why when it comes to Word format vs. Text format and why you need both, you should simply have a file version of each on hand so that you will be ready to submit your resume no matter what file extension and type that they desire.

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