White Space On A Resume Can Help (Readability/ Emphasis)

White space on a resume can help! The problem is that most resume writers seem to fear the use of white space simply because they believe that white space tells an employer that they don’t have a lot to say about themselves and their skills. However, the use of white space on a resume can help you greatly when it comes to the presentation of your resume. There are two main functions that white space can play in the creation of your resume.

These two functions will go a long way in assisting you in creating a more functional and effective resume that will be able to provide you with the type of employment that you desire. These two functions are: readability and emphasis. Herein, you will quickly and easily discover how these two elements are greatly improved upon when it comes to the use of white space to your benefit. You will also quickly discover how the use of white space can actually make your resume more professional and effective at gaining a potential employers attention.

The Importance Of Resume Readability

One of the biggest complaints amongst employers who are hiring is readability. Most people who write resumes never use proper or effective spacing. This results in every line and section of a resume all running together, which presents a problem for employers who may be reading your resume. They can quickly be distracted and lose their place when reading your resume and then will have to search through the text in order to find the place where they stopped reading.

When you use white space in order to separate one section from another in your resume, you are making it much easier for an employer to read. If an employer becomes distracted while reading your resume and has to deal with a situation they can quickly turn back around and easily find their place on your resume due to this use of white space. This is just one such way that white space on a resume can help improve the readability of your resume.

The Importance Of Emphasis In A Resume

In the same general regard, white space on a resume can help when it comes to providing emphasis on specific sections of your resume. Chances are you want each and every section of your resume to stand out from the rest so that an employer can easily and quickly determine your skills, experience, and education. You will want each section to be surrounded by white space so that a sense of emphasis is put onto each section of your resume.

In short, this white space can be used as a spotlight to emphasize important information that you want your potential employers to take notice of. The more white space that your resume has around each section the more it will stand out to those people who are reading your resume.

However, you should not overdo it when it comes to using white space on a resume. You simply need to ensure that you have in place effective margins and settings with a few white spaces between each section in order to easily distinguish one section from another.

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