Read Your Resume (Spell Checker is not Enough)

Read your resume, spell checker is not enough! The problem is that oftentimes, people who craft their resumes will not focus on the editing of their resumes. This will generally result in poorly crafted resumes that are shoddy and ineffective. You can be sure that a resume that is filled with spelling and grammar mistakes will thwart any chance you have of being employed. The same can be said when it comes to sentences or sections that don’t make sense due to the manner in which they are worded. 

With that in mind, you cannot simply use spell checker on your favorite document writing program and expect for your resume to be perfect! You must go the extra mile in order to ensure that your resume is as professional and effective as it should be. This way you can present yourself to your future employers in a professional manner that truly reflects your skills and work effort.

If you fail to correct your resume of common mistakes a potential employer may believe that you are not a thorough individual. They may believe that this may reflect on your general work if they were to hire you. Therefore, they may simply pass up on you and choose someone else who is less qualified but who has no or limited mistakes on their resume.

No matter how skilled you are for the position which you are applying for, you must be sure that your resume is 100% grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.

What Can I Use Apart From Spell Checker To Assist Me In This Task?

There are numerous ways that you can go about ensuring that your resume is free of common spelling and grammar mistakes. As stated before: read your resume, spell checker is not enough! Most mistakes can simply be found when you read your resume back to yourself.  Most experts will tell you to actually read your resume out loud. When you read your resume out loud, slowly, you can generally catch common spelling and grammar mistakes. If you have to stop and read over a sentence or section more than once, then chances are that you need to apply a few corrections or small changes in order to make that section flow better.

This can’t be stressed enough: read your resume, spell checker is not enough! You have to be aware that all spell checker programs are not 100% accurate. They make suggestions and changes that may not be correct. If you use an automatic spell check program with changing capabilities it could completely change the meaning of a sentence of your resume. This could have detrimental consequences when it comes to being effective at assisting you in gaining the employment you desire.

Finally, take this entire process one step further and ask a friend or business acquaintance to read over your resume for you! They may be able to find other mistakes that you may have missed on your own. This will give you added protection and peace of mind that your resume is truly free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

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