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Question:  What are three qualities that you feel you would bring to the table if hired?

Answer: The three qualities that I would bring to this position are honesty, respect and responsibility. I am an honest person who is willing to ask for help and who will always remain transparent with my work dealings. I am also a very respectful person who works well with others. I’m the type of person who is very respectful and supportive of my superiors and who is also respectful and kind to those I work with. I am also a very responsible person who is always willing to take on more work and who is willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right.

Question: Why do you want to work for our company?

Answer: Your company has a strong reputation and is the type of company that is fair and honest. I feel that working for your company would be a great benefit to me and my future and I equally feel like I would be a great benefit to your company in return.

Question: What is one negative quality about yourself that we should be aware of?

Answer: Some people say that I am too obsessive when it comes to work. I tend to overdo things while working because I put everything I have into the job. I tend to think about work all the time and am always spending time focusing on how I can do a better job. This may seem like a positive trait but some times I think I need to step back and relax a bit.

Question: Why should we hire you over all our other applicants?

Answer:  Because I am a committed individual who isn’t just looking for a “job.” I am looking to invest all my time, dedication and hard work into the task at hand. I want to do my best to ensure that I am constantly being a benefit for your company, and in return I know that I will receive the benefits of working for such a wonderful company. Others may be more qualified in work experience but I am a dedicated and responsible person who isn’t simply looking for a job, but am instead looking to make this job my career.

Question: What if your long term goal with the position that you are applying for?

Answer:  I want to acquire a position with your company so that I can excel at all things and become a huge asset for your company. I am not just another warm body but am the type of person who goes into a job with the intent to turn it into a career. In the long term I would dedicate myself to every task and duty that you assign me and will strive to obtain perfection when completing these tasks. I want to prove to your company that I am a valuable asset in hopes of slowly working my way to the top. I wish to invest my time and effort with your company, and would like to eventually stay with you long term.

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