How to Find a New Job Without Getting Fired In the Process

You might be thinking of finding a new job, but you don’t want to actually change employment without first being assured that the new job will be yours. If your employer is made aware that you are searching for a new job, while you are still employed, there is a distinct possibility that you could be terminated before you even manage to find another job. This could result in unnecessary problems for you, so it is always important to take extra precautions to ensure your search for new work is not discovered; until you have found a better job. To help avoid damage to your reputation and a potential fallout with your boss, here are some helpful tips on how to look for work, without getting fired.

1. Don’t Talk About It

Talking about your desire to find a new place of employment is rarely a good idea, when you are already working. Try to avoid discussing the issue with coworkers or people affiliated with the company you are currently working for. In this situation, it would be best to keep your plans to yourself for as long as you can. Even letting everyone know that you have found a job too soon after quitting your old one is unethical and could result in tarnishing your reputation.

2. Use Your Own Time to Search

You will likely get fired, if you happen to be caught looking for employment during working hours. Instead, do your job hunting on your own time and money. While it might seem more convenient to job hunt during office hours, it is a risk you should avoid as much as possible.

3. Keep What You Do Online in Mind

It is not advisable to search for work online at your place of employment, but if you do, make sure that you do not post anything revealing of your plans to find new work on social media web sites. You may have other coworkers on your Facebook, for example, who could see any status updates that you post. Remember that online activity is often recorded in history as well.

4. Don’t Schedule Interviews During Work Hours

If you have a few job interviews coming up, make sure that you go to them at a time when you are not officially working, such as during a lunch break. You may also want to consider scheduling all of these interviews on your day off. This way your employer will not know that you are already job interviewing.

5. Find A Good Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are great because they can help you to find work. They will look for new places of employment suited to your specific skills and qualifications, while you relax and wait for them to call you. With a good recruitment agency you can just sit back and let them take care of the hard work of job hunting, and your employer will have no idea you were looking. Additionally, it may also help if you notify the recruiter that you are currently employed as well as who you currently work for. This will help prevent the case in which the company you currently work for is contacted by the recruiter for your next position. The recruiter will be careful, since he doesn’t get paid if you do not land the new job.

6. Make Up Your Mind About Whether to Quit or Keep Your Job

Sometimes it is easy to think that the grass will be greener on the other side, but quitting your job might not be the answer in every case. If you are convinced that you cannot get promoted or find a better position within your current company, then by all means start looking for a new job. However, don’t quit because your job is a bit tough for you. There are a lot of companies that would rather promote their employees instead of having to hire new ones. Discuss the possibility of getting a promotion with your boss. Sometimes just asking what is required to move up the ladder can give you objectives and hope.

There is a certain amount of stress that accompanies the search for employment, and this can have negative effects on your life. Try to approach the search for work slowly and at a leisurely pace. You are not at risk of losing your job in the near future, so you have plenty of time to search and weigh your options. If you are certain that working in your current position is no longer something you would like to do, don’t make it immediately clear to your coworkers. Keep working as if nothing had changed and don’t let your job hunting efforts affect your performance. This will help to ensure a smooth transition to your new job, when the time is right.

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