Job Hunting Tips: Matching the Needs of An Employer

When most people sit down and create their resume, they only have their personal needs in mind. They use their resume in order to obtain a job or career that matches up with their personal needs and goals. Though this is the purpose of obtaining employment, it is not always the best way to go about obtaining a job. You have to realize that all companies great and small are looking to match their own needs, and the majority of them don’t care about your personal needs. All they want is to ensure that you as an employee will meet their expectations and their needs.

This is where you must decide how you will present your resume. If you want your resume to more effective and want it to have the ability to secure you a job that will meet your needs, then you will need to be sure that your resume is not “self-directed.” Instead, you will want your resume to be what is known as “employer directed.” This also means that you will have to watch the way in which you word and list things throughout your resume in order to make sure it is directed at your potential employers needs.

For example, most people who put their resume together will create a dynamic objective that details why they personally want the job they are applying for and what their goals are with the job. Many applicants will go as far as saying that they are using a job as a “stepping stone” to bigger things. What you truly need to do with your objective is tell the potential employer what you will do for their company, rather than what you hope their open position will do for you.

You need to immediately show these potential employers that you are hoping to fill a need that they have for a strong-working and dedicated employee who is willing to do whatever is asked and is willing to excel at everything they do. Your objective is your sales pitch to these potential employers. You need to use these short few sentences to show them how you will not only match their needs but you will excel at filling them.

How Can I Ensure That My Objective And Cover Letter Are Geared Towards Company Needs?

You can easily determine if your resume is self focused or company focused by simply reading over it. You should read over your resume as if you were preparing to interview yourself and consider each sentence and section of your resume and determine if that section convinces you that you would fill a need at the company, or if that section instead is self-focused. You may also wish to ask an outside third party such as a friend or a family member to assist you with this. That way you can have a second set of eyes and a fresh mind break down your resume for you.

Remember, you are attempting to get a job to fill your own needs, but at the same time you need to truly convince a potential employer that you are going to fill their needs above all else. If you can do this with your resume then you will quickly acquire the job you want and can begin to fulfill your personal needs.

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