Be Careful with Sample Resume Templates

The popularity of using sample resume templates to create personal resumes has risen manifold in recent years. More and more people are discovering how simple it is to use sample resume templates when putting their own resumes together. In fact, using such templates can greatly decrease the total amount of time that it takes the average person to create their resume.

However, in their eagerness to get their resumes done, many people make the basic mistake of using the sample resume templates without giving it careful consideration. They do not make the necessary changes in order to personalize these templates and make it their own; instead they simply use the pre-plugged in information and attempt to pass it off on their own. This is especially true when it comes to drafting objectives and cover letters for their resumes. Many people are flat out plagiarizing these sections of their resumes and are unknowingly violating copyright laws in doing so.

Most applicants are not aware that employers will actually scan their employee’s or applicant’s resumes and will run them through copyright checks in order to determine if the content included in them is original or if it has been taken from a website. If this happens to you, you could lose your current job for dishonesty or may be turned down for a position which you are applying on grounds of dishonesty. This is why, you must be very careful that when using sample resumes. It is crucial to ensure that you only use them as an outline for your own resume but do not blatantly rip these templates off.

How To Be Certain That Your Information Is Original When Using A Template

When creating your resume, download at least two copies of the particular template that you are looking at. When you do this, you are less likely to make common mistakes that result in copyright violations. With the first copy of the template you have downloaded, go in and delete all the pre-plugged responses to each section. Then use the second section as a general outline as you compose the rest of your resume.

It is more than okay for you to draw inspiration from the objectives and cover letters of these sample resumes. However, you should be sure that when you read your version of these sections that they don’t match up.  They should be different enough and unique enough even after borrowing ideas for no one to be able to tell that your version was inspired from the first.

People who only download one version of a sample template will also make the mistake of accidentally forgetting to delete a sentence or word from the template. When they do this, their resume will not appear professional and will include wording or phrases that have nothing to do with them or their skill sets. You need to be very careful to avoid these kinds of errors when using such sample templates.

Just use sample resume templates as a springing board for ideas and formatting assurance. Other than that, delete what is included within the template and you should be fine.

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