Job Hunting Tips: The Benefits of Having Worked for a Competitor

Are you currently hunting for a job in the same line of work that you are previously in? Or have you worked in the same line of work for years and are currently seeking out employment? If so, you will be happy to know that there are numerous benefits involved in applying for a position at a company that is a direct competitor of another company which you have previously worked in.

Many companies are more than happy to hire employees who have worked at their competitor’s place of business. One reason for this is experience.  Competitor “A” knows that you worked for competitor “B”, which means that they will instantly believe that you have knowledge and experience at the type of job that you are applying for at their place of business. This can easily convince a potential employer that you would be a great asset to their company and that you would be very easy to train due to your previous work experience.

It is a known fact that the majority of employers are more likely to hire an individual who have worked for their competitor over another individual who has the same experience and education. This is because they are aware that the first applicant has already proven themselves successful in this line of work. In fact, many employers will browse the work history sections of resumes simply looking for applicants who have worked for their direct competitors.

Another reason why some companies are more apt to hire an individual who has worked for a competitor over a person who hasn’t, is to simply attempt to acquire information about the other company. This may sound like a shady business practice but many companies will hire their competitor’s employees in order to learn how the other company “does it.” Or they will hire them to simply gain more information and knowledge about their competitor.

How Do I Tell A Potential Employer That I Worked For Their Competitor?

There are two simple and direct ways that you can tell a potential employer that you have worked for their competitor. First and foremost, you will need to list this past position in the work history section of your resume. You should list everything about your position. This includes the company name, years of employment, your position, and your specific job responsibilities. You may even wish to update your resume in order to add additional information in this section.

Secondly, you should make mention of this in your cover letter. You can immediately tell a potential employer that you are confident that you can carry out the job for which they are hiring because you worked for their competitor. This is very direct and a very effective way in which to blatantly tell an employer that you can use the skills and knowledge that you gained from their competitor to succeed at their company.

Never hesitate to tell a company that you have worked for their competitor.  Some applicants are fearful that this information will prevent them from getting the job. However, that is rarely the case.

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