Examples of Keeping Your Resume Updated

Even if you are not currently seeking out employment you should always be sure to keep your resume updated. Most people will wait until they are looking for a new job before they will go back and update their resumes.  However, it is always much easier for an individual to update their resume as they go along. This way they can be more certain that the information they are placing in their resume is accurate, and so that they can easier remember the things that they desire to add to their resume when making updates.

A common problem amongst people who set out to update their resumes is that they have waited so that they will have forgotten important information. This may include all the responsibilities they had while at the previous job or even what months and years that they were employed with past companies.  Some people will even forget what their supervisor’s names were.

Without this type of information intact, it can cause the resume updating process to be long and drawn out. Additionally, it can result in you being dishonest on your resume even when you don’t mean to. This could result in you losing your chances of gaining a specific job if an employer discovers inaccurate information on your resume. There is no denying the importance of keeping your resume updated at all times.

Another thing to consider is this: even though you may be happy in your current place of employment, you may be offered an advancement or other means of employment that is too great to pass up. When this happens wouldn’t you rather have an already updated and accurate resume to immediately submit? Otherwise you may have to quickly slap an updated resume together, which could lead to a greater chance of you providing inaccurate information to a potential employer.

What Is The Best Method Of Keeping A Resume Updated?

One interesting thing you may wish to do is keep a Word document on your computer wherein you can constantly add updates on your current job and skills. Many people will actually keep index cards available in a file which they will add important career specific information to as new information becomes available to them. They can then take this information that they have collected yearly or monthly and can then add it into their preexisting resume.

When updating your resume, you should also be aware that industry standards for the formatting of resumes changes often. Therefore, a format that you may have used years ago may no longer be acceptable. So always be prepared to completely reformat your resume from beginning to end.

There is no right or wrong way to go about updating your resume just as long as you are actively updating your resume on a regular basis. You may want to schedule yourself or set up a reminder on your computer to alert you that you need to update your resume every so often. This is a great way to be sure that you keep on top of things concerning your resume.

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