Resume Writing Tips: Be Honest

One of the most crucial mistakes that resume writers make is not providing potential employers with honest and accurate information. The moment you include a false fact in your resume, you will have tarnished your entire resume from the beginning to the end. Once this lie is discovered, no matter how small it will be, you can lose your position at work or be deemed an un-honest and unreliable person by a potential employer.

You need to keep in mind that most companies will fact check the information that is provided in resumes which they receive. This means that when they contact a previous employer, they will most likely ask them how long you worked for them and from what dates. If you have lied about the extent of your employment on your resume and a potential employer discovers this, they are likely to wonder what other things you have lied to them about. This could result in an employer instantly nullifying your resume without any second thoughts.

To ensure that all the stated facts are correct, you must go to great lengths to ensure that the information you have provided in your resume is one-hundred percent accurate. You should become your own fact checker and should scrutinize your entire resume from top to bottom to ensure that everything you have said and revealed is the truth. Otherwise, you could end up greatly hurting yourself in the end.

The problem is that too many people don’t believe that most companies actually look into the information that potential applicants provide them in their resumes. These people believe that their little “white lies” will never come back to haunt them or that they will “get away” with it. Though there may be some companies who do not accurately check the information which they receive in resumes, nearly 95% of them do. Therefore, you should never even consider telling a lie in your resume.

“Honesty is the best policy” is definitely a saying that is pertinent when it comes to job applications and resume writing.

How To Avoid Dishonesty When Creating Your Resume

The best way to avoid being dishonest in your resume is to be a good researcher. If you are questioning a date or a job skill, you should simply contact the past company that you worked for and ask to speak to their Human Resources Department. This way you can obtain the factual information that you need in order to be sure that every aspect of your resume in 100% honest and accurate.

Never for a moment believe that a company will not check over the information on your resume. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.  If you are uncertain of a detail and cannot find the factual information that you need, omit it from your resume all together and be ready to explain it to a potential employer even before they ask you about it, that way they don’t think you are hiding something from them.

Being your own fact checker is by and far the best way to avoid dishonesty when creating your own resume.

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