Resume Writing Tips: Quantifying Your Achievements

Resume Writing TipsFocusing on your achievements in your resume as opposed to focusing on your responsibilities is a great way to set your resume apart from others.  Most people will simply list all the responsibilities which they had while serving at other companies in other positions. However, if you want to truly captivate those potential employers who may happen upon your resume, then you should consider turning these responsibilities into achievements. 

A general responsibility would be as follows: “I oversaw staff.” An achievement would be “25 staff directly reported to me.” This shows that your previous place of employment trusted you with the supervising of 25 employees. This is an achievement as opposed to a responsibility. If you generally used the phrase “I oversaw staff,” you would lead the reader of your resume to wonder how many staff you oversaw. Was it one? Five? Ten? 

When revealing your achievements in your resume, you should quantify them. You should use numbers wherever possible in order to show a potential employer your true worth in numbers. If you were a general cashier who was never over or under in your end of the night count by five cents, you should let the employer know that most employers were short upwards of “X” amount of dollars every month. This will show a potential employer that by choosing you they would save their company money due to your experience with maintaining a cash draw with a low loss.

With the use of numbers you can truly turn your experience and responsibilities into achievements that will truly captivate and encourage an employer to contact you to fill their vacant position.  Remember, your resume is your selling point. Your resume is a written commercial of yourself. Present your achievements in order to truly captivate and to encourage your audience to choose you over all others.

How Can I Successfully Quantify All My Achievements In My Resume?

First off, you should be aware that it may not be possible for you to quantify every achievement that you place on your resume. You should only quantify your achievements where they best fit in naturally. The best way to begin doing this is to simply look at each of your achievements and see if you can think of a simple way to attach a numeric value to them. If you are unable to, move on to the next one. Within a few minutes you should very clearly be able to determine which responsibilities or achievements you can turn into numeric listings.

Another thing you should consider is seeking out resume examples online.  By looking at these resume examples and examining the achievements that other people have listed you may be able to discover creative ways in which you can provide a numeric value to your own achievements. Using resume examples will make your resume writing job much easier and will allow you to complete the task much faster.

Just keep in mind that you should only assign a numeric value to those achievements that will sound natural when reading.


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