Resume Writing Tips: Use Achievements Instead of Responsibilities

Resume Writing TipsThe idea behind a resume is to show a potential employer what type of person you are and what skills you bring to the table. A resume allows you to go steps beyond a general application. With a resume, you have the opportunity to craft a ‘cover letter’ which acts as your own personal introduction to a potential employer. Your ‘objective’ is your chance to sell yourself and to show an employer why you would be beneficial to their company.

Another thing you may wish to consider to truly grab the attention of a potential employer and in order to show them what you are really made of is to use achievements rather than responsibilities throughout your resume. For instance, let’s say that you are applying for a general cashier job at a department or retail store. When you list previous cashier experience on your resume, you will have a space for entering in and listing your responsibilities. However, most cashier positions have the same responsibilities. Therefore, you can instead replace this space with your achievements while serving as a cashier.

Rather than writing things such as “responsible for breaking down my draw at the end of the night,” you could write something like “when breaking down my drawers, I have only been over or under by ten cents.” An employer who may be considering you for a cashier position at their own store is more likely to show your resume attention and contact you when you show them an achievement like this instead of simply listing a responsibility.  In this example you would literally kill two birds with one stone. You would reveal the responsibility of breaking down a drawer as well as a great achievement with the way you deal with money.

How Can I Turn My Previous Responsibilities Into Achievements?

Every responsibility that you had in a previous job can be turned into an achievement. You may just have to come up with creative ways in which to word these achievements. Most people will begin this task by simply writing down a single responsibility that they had at a previous job. From there they will begin to rewrite that responsibility in numerous ways on a sheet of paper in order to see how many different ways they can present this responsibility to turn it into an achievement.

Others will seek out the assistance of professional resume writers or will even hire a resume writing firm to do this for them. However, most people can easily accomplish this on their own, with a little inspiration. That’s where sample resumes found online can come in handy. With a quick web search you can find a multitude of online and downloadable resume examples that you can quickly use to gain ideas for how to change your past responsibilities into achievements.

With a little time and a little effort you will quickly learn how to spin your responsibilities in order to turn them into achievements, which will be greatly looked on upon by potential employers.

For more examples of accomplishments and experience on a resume, check out the CareerRush resume examples.

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