Explaining The Benefits Of Your Skills On A Resume

Resume KeywordsWhen you set out to compose your resume, you are in fact creating a written representation of yourself and your skills. You must take great care when revealing your skills so that those people reading your resume can discover the benefits behind your skills. If you appear beneficial to a potential employer, they are more likely to hire you even if another individual seems to have a better prepared resume. When creating your resume you need to place a great deal of focus on revealing your skills in a unique way that is certain to prove to those reading it that they will gain some kind of benefit from hiring you for their position.

For example, when most people list a supervisory position on their resume, they will provide a listing of the experience or skills that they obtained or exhibited in this position. However, one thing that employers truly desire to know when they are reading about supervisory skills, are things such as: how many people did you oversee? Who did you directly report to? Were you able to save your company money while in this position? These are very important queries that employers want answers to so that they can see just how you would be a benefit to their company.

Additionally, most employers desire to know if you work well with other people and how you deal with supervisors. One of the biggest problems in any job is employees who clash with one another or who are on “power trips” while they are in supervisory positions. This is why you should reveal how many people you reported to or worked directly under. In your cover letter you may wish to reveal how your relationships with employees were always professional yet considerate. This shows a potential employer that you can maintain friendly relationships with other employees while at the same time being a professional.

Another thing to consider is your resumes references. You should consider listing the names of people who you professionally worked alongside and also people you worked under. This shows a potential employer that you are proud of your relationships with these individuals. This will put you one step ahead of the rest of your competition.

What’s The Best Way To Go About Presenting My Skills As Benefits?

You should first make a list of each skill that you have. Then consider every job that you have worked in and create a list of your responsibilities while serving in these positions. Once you have done this, you need to simply begin considering how each of these skills could be fashioned into a benefit.  You may have to be creative with some of these changes, but most of them can easily be switched around in wording to present them as benefits instead of simple skills.

Additionally, you may wish to view resume samples online in order to see how other professionals took their general skills and turned them into benefits in their own resumes. These examples can greatly assist you in doing the same for your own resume.

To see examples of how to present your skills as well as use resume keywords and phrases, check out the CareerRush resume examples.

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