Resume Writing Tips: Don’t State the Obvious

Resume Writing TipsThere are a few mistakes that people commonly make when they are putting their resume together. One such mistake is stating the obvious throughout their resumes. With a resume you want to limit the amount of words that you use. If you are constantly stating the obvious throughout your resume, it will appear unprofessional. Being aware of common obvious phrases that individuals use when writing their resumes will help you avoid falling into the same pattern.

I am “Available for the Interview”

Far too many applicants tend to use the phrase, “available for an interview” in their resume. In fact, many people will use this phrase more than just a couple of times in their resume so as to emphasize the point. However, the fact is, you don’t need to.

With a statement like this you are simply wasting space and boring potential employers by telling them the obvious. When you submit a resume to a company, they are already aware that you are “available for an interview.”  The simple fact that you presented the company with a resume is proof enough that you are interested in the position and are available for an interview.

Though phrases like “available for an interview” may seem needed by you, they are not! You need to avoid using these types of phrases so that a potential employer does not become annoyed with the obvious. These phrases simply waste the time of those reading them. You want to be direct and concise with the content of your resume and want to provide potential employers with information that they are not aware of.

This means you should be focusing more on the content that appears in your cover letter and objective. The things that you place in these two important sections of your resume are much more important than obvious statements.  However, most people who make these types of mistakes do so in their objective and in their cover letter.

When reading over and writing your resume, you need to ask yourself if what you are placing in your resume is necessary. If the details you are writing can be determined without reading them, then you should omit these words. There are more important aspects of your resume that you should be focusing on; such as the things that employers are not aware of. One of these is your special skills and job history. These are elements that a potential employer will not be aware of until you have revealed them to them.

How Can I Be Sure That I Am Not Stating The Obvious?

The best way to ensure that you are not stating the obvious is not to be personal within your resume. This means that you should only be providing content that is based on professional aspects of yourself and the job that you are applying for. You need to focus on providing facts based on your past work history and not on the type of person that you think you are or want to be.

Stick with the facts and keep it simple! If you do this, you can be certain that you are not stating the obvious throughout the resume. This will increase your chances of getting a call-back and will ensure that your resume is 100% professional in nature.

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