Tips For Writing An Internship Cover Letter

Writing an internship cover letter is like constructing a building – you have to have a plan or a blueprint drawn up before you even think about beginning construction. Without preparation and a proper plan, your efforts are bound to be wasted and the result not worthy of the amount of time that you put into the work.

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Internship Cover Letter

Laying Out Your Cover Letter:

The first thing you need to know about writing an internship cover letter is that there has to be a certain structure to it. This is not like writing a letter to an acquaintance, where you can simply put down whatever comes to your mind in whatever order it occurs to you. At its simplest, your cover letter should consist of at least three parts –

1. An attention getting introduction
2. A short description of yourself
3. A professional ending

Pay attention to the length of your internship cover letter. A balance must be struck between conveying sufficient information about yourself to your interviewer and making your letter too long. Both your introduction and ending should not consist of more than a single paragraph each, while your self-introduction should not exceed two paragraphs.

Make sure you use proper formatting when typing out your cover letter or alternatively you can choose to format it when you have finished with the contents. In order to make your cover letter easy to read, you should use single-line spacing within paragraphs and a double-line spacing between separate paragraphs. This will keep your words far enough apart that they can be easily read without your interviewer having to strain his or her eyesight.

Stick To the Point

One of the most common mistakes that those who are inexperienced with writing cover letters make is not sticking to the point as they write. They end up with cover letters that are rambling and do not convey the right message to their interviewers well.

An internship cover letter should be clear and concise. If yours is too long and rambling, edit it down. The key is to anticipate what your interviewer will want to hear about you and what will make them decide that hiring you will be a good move for the firm.

Your introduction paragraph is meant to convey your personal details to your interviewer. The exact department to which you are applying, any referrals from within the firm that you might have had – all of these details should go into your first paragraph.

Your self-introductory paragraph should be a list of your accomplishments, experience, and any other information relevant to your prospective job. Relevant courses that you took in college, activities that you participated in outside of school, volunteering and prior work experience should be your priority in this section. This will show your prospective employer how valuable you would be to the company and increase your chances of getting hired as an intern.

Finally, your ending paragraph should reiterate why you want to intern at that particular company and how you think you can best contribute to the company and its growth. This will round off the cover letter and make a lasting impression on the interviewer reading your internship cover letter.

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