How To Make A Cover Letter Stand Out Above The Rest

How To Make A Cover LetterWhen you are unemployed, you may think that the most important thing to create to help you along the way to finding that next job is a stellar resume. Sure, there’s no denying the importance of a good resume but, what is just as important and what will get you into the interview over all of the other applicants is a good cover letter. When you learn how to make a cover letter that stands out and grabs the employer’s attention, then you will be more successful at getting those interviews and hopefully, potential employment.

Why Use A Cover Letter?

Every employment site online gives you the opportunity to use and will even show you how to make a cover letter that should accompany every electronic application you send. Even with all that help out there, so many people choose to ignore that opportunity and are convinced that their resume can stand on its own. They really could not be more wrong.

A cover letter should have the same effect as you walking up to a total stranger, and introducing yourself. It is literally your best chance to make a good impression in an impersonal, electronic world and should be written in such a way that it conveys not only your skill set but also your personality, lending credence to your assumption that you are the person for that job.

The Basics of a Good Cover Letter

If you read the advertisements for job openings posted on the Internet and even those in newspapers, you will see clues from that employer as to what they want to see in your cover letter. At its most basic, these will include reference codes, the name of the person soliciting applications and most likely a salary history. These items get included not only because they are standard items to be included in a cover letter today but it is also a way for the employer to determine whether an applicant has really read their ad or not.

When learning how to make a cover letter, include everything the employer has asked for in the proper manner. Reference codes can be included in the subject matter line of the letter or email but what is really key is the salutation. Avoid using ‘Dear Sir or Madam’, especially if a name is referenced in the ad. If there is no name or department given, then a simple salutation like “Good Morning” should suffice. When writing your cover letter, introduce yourself to your future employers in a friendly. Keep the tone light and conversational and in closing, thank the interviewers for their time and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them.

Having read the ad, you know what skills the organization is looking for, so take special care to make these the keywords you want to sprinkle throughout your letter. All tips about how to make a cover letter will stress upon the fact that you should place emphasis on those particular skills that the organization is looking for.

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