Thank You Notes After Interview Say A Lot About You

Thank You Notes After InterviewYou’ve heard and read a lot about the importance of sending thank you notes after interview but you wonder whether it is really that important. You sent the company a stellar resume highlighting all your qualifications, experience and achievements, based on which they called you for an interview. Though you were a bit nervous before you went into the room, you walked out feeling super confident.  You think the interview went very well and you are sure the interviewers were very impressed not just by what they read in your resume but also by your demeanor and your replies to their questions.

Do you really need to also send a note saying thank you? Would it make any difference at all?

Yes, Thank You Notes After Interview Do Make a Difference

Sending thank you notes after interview may seem like an unnecessary gesture at first but when you think about it, you were not the only candidate being interviewed. More likely than not, there would have been several other hopefuls who were invited to be interviewed and among those, there are sure to be at least a few who would have submitted resumes just as impressive as yours. Given that all things are equal amongst the shortlisted candidates, the interviewers will be looking for that something special that will make one individual stand out from the rest. That special something could very well be the thank you note that you send.

What Exactly Does a Thank You Note after Interview Do? 

Above everything else, thank you notes after interview show that you are serious about getting the job. In addition to conveying your interest in the job, they also tell the recipient that you are meticulous, courteous and professional. These are three traits that every manager looks for in their employees. Unfortunately, many candidates totally underestimate the importance of this simple gesture.

When asked, many employers admitted that receiving a well written thank you note was very often the deciding factor for them when they had a choice between two or more potential employees. They just felt that these thank you notes after interview conveyed the individual’s enthusiasm and professional etiquette and that was crucial for them.

What is the Best Way to Deliver a Thank You Note?

Timing is all important when sending thank you notes after interview. Ideally, your note should reach the potential employer within 24 hours, especially if the company in question is looking to fill a vacancy quickly. At times like these, sending an email is the best option- it’s convenient, fast and you know there’s no way it will not reach the recipient. Make sure you get the correct email address. However, you need to use your discretion here. If you got the impression that the company would frown upon this mode of communication and prefers to use traditional mail, then you may want to go that route. 

A Final Thought

Thank you notes after interview can help you nail the job and need to be crafted with as much care as you took to write out your resume. If you’ve never written one before, check out a few reliable websites for tips and guidelines on how to write out this all important letter. Best of luck!

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