Creating the Right Impact with a Job Interview Thank You Letter

Job Interview Thank You Letter TemplateSaying thank you is a great reflection on your personality in every aspect of life.  Some common expressions, used regularly, go a long way in helping you when you wish to climb that ladder of success and make it to the top.  Writing out a job interview thank you letter may just clinch that position that you were aspiring for when you sent out that resume letter and attended the interview.

When Should You Send the Thank You Letter?

Ideally, the job interview thank you letter should reach the interviewer or the organization within the next 24 hours.  The letter could either be sent through email though studies indicate that a hard-copy of the letter sent in the same format and header style of the resume and cover letter makes a good impact.  This could be faxed or sent through the post. At all times, make sure the letter sounds professional and sent in a business letter format.  If you are sending a brief email note, include your return address and date of sending the letter.

Is there a specific format for the letter?

Several templates, formats and guidelines are available online for sending out the important job interview thank you letter. Choose the most appropriate and ensure that you use the same formatting that you used when you sent out the resume letter and cover letter. Thank the interviewer for the time given to you.  Make sure you mention the date and the time of the interview when you remind them about the position for which you were interviewed. Try to write a few lines about the impression you formed of the company and let them know how keen you are to take up the job.

Square Peg in a Square Hole

In a few lines, you can refer to the specific qualifications and let the organization know that you are the man for the job. Emphasize what you can do to make the company grow if you are selected and why you feel you can give them what they are looking for. Try to restrict these important lines to within five sentences.  Refer to some salient observation made by the interviewer or a quip that you both shared so that you are remembered when you send the job interview thank you letter.  If there is an important decision to be made by the interviewer about selecting you or two other candidates, these guidelines could tip the scale in your favor.

Clearly Indicate Your Contact Information

The interviewer or the employer should be able to reach you as soon as possible if they require your services immediately or have further queries.  This information should be given with your address.  Mention in your job interview thank you letter that you are available for another meeting if they wish to discuss any more details and that you are standing by to hear from them at their earliest. Reiterating your qualifications and interest in the job is a good business etiquette that yields positive results.

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