The Importance Of Including The Resume Reference Page

Resume Reference Page ExampleMany people are of the opinion that a resume letter should be sent with a separate resume reference page and a cover letter if you want to make the right impact on the interviewer. However, in today’s world, where everything moves fast, decisions and results are also being taken quickly for fast results.  Interviewers are often hard pressed for time as they have the responsibility of interviewing several candidates for the same position and make sure they choose the right person.

It is therefore advisable to include as much information as you can when sending out those important resume letters.  You may be applying to several places for jobs.  Take time to ensure that the resume you send out for each position specifies all the details that are required.  Scour online and check out various sites for formats and tips.  Read them carefully and make a careful list of how to go about writing out the resume.

Use a Systematic Approach

 Make sure you choose at least three previous employers who you think will give you a positive reference.  The people who can give you a reference letter for the resume reference page are your employers, co-workers, professors or a dean. When you approach them, make sure you let them know the post you are applying for and get them permission to use their names as references. You can also use some personal references such as a member of any organization or community that you have worked with in the recent past.

Prioritize the List of References

List the order of the references by using the strongest contact on top.  Mention a line about them in the resume reference page and explain the relationship or the person’s connection with you.  Make sure you write their names clearly and without spelling errors.  Write out their designation, address and telephone number or numbers where they can be contacted.  Ensure that you have informed the individuals to expect a call and refresh their memory about your qualifications and capabilities if necessary.

Make a Good Impression

Use the same format that you have used for the resume page and cover page.  The header, paper, font, style and so on in the resume reference page should maintain the same professional appearance throughout.  The interviewer is sure to be impressed with the resume if you have included all the details.  There is no need for them to try to contact you again to send those references.  Make sure you send out a thank you letter after the interview and enquire when you can call them again to find out if you are going to be enrolled in their organization.

Make sure you send a copy of your resume to each one listed on the resume reference page.  They should be able to check the resume and be aware of what they need to talk about. When you meet the interviewer, you should be able to impress them with your interactive and personal communicative skills. Please make sure to use the above guidelines and you can be assured of being gainfully employed in the organization of your choice. Good luck!

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