Important References Page for Resume for Landing that Job

References Page for ResumeThe reason for listing your references and sending it along with your resume is to let the interviewer know that there are people you have worked with and who are satisfied with your potential and willing to vouch for your capabilities. More and more interviewees are now realizing that it is essential to write out this references page for resume and attach it along with the cover letter and the resume.

It is important to make the effort to get good references from clients or persons who count when you try to get that job that you have set your heart on. There are several guidelines available online that you can scour before you sit down to make out the page.  When writing out the references page for resume, due consideration should be given to ensuring that you write out the names and addresses of each reference clearly, including their telephone numbers where they can be contacted.

Follow Standard Guidelines

You should get permission from the potential party or parties before you include their names.  Try and organize the list of references in the order of preferences.  This means that you should prioritize the names that will make more headway in your line of work. It is perfectly alright to include about five to six references on your references page for resume. This could include your professors, managers whom you have worked for or the name of your current employer. If you know any member of a leading organization or committee, you could include the same.

Common Etiquette When Following Guidelines

Before including the names of references, it is common courtesy to get their permission. It is also vital that you send them a copy of your resume so that they are aware of your educational qualifications, experiences and other pertinent details. This will help them to remember when you were working in their organizations, so that they are prepared to give the right details if and when they are contacted by the potential employer. It would be wise to call them and inform them of the post you are applying for and ensure that they will vouch for your ability and speak of you in a positive light.

Format for the References Page For Resume

Write out your contact information clearly and make sure you use the same header format that you use on the resume and cover letter.  Use the same font size, style and paper for all. Your name, title, addresses and telephone numbers should be clearly indicated.  The references that you list should also be clearly indicated with their address and telephone numbers. You can write a line about your relation or standing with each reference that you list out. Check for grammatical or spelling errors.

A resume should be professionally written with a formal tone that should also contain relevant information that is concise and informative.  Writing out a good resume backed by a references page for resume and a cover letter is one of the most important requisites for getting gainful employment.

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