Support Your Interview With A Thank You Letter After Interview Email

Thank You Letter After Interview EmailA thank you letter that is sent out after an interview gives the interview just the support that it needs; especially if the interview did not go quite as well as you hoped it would.  It could be that you are brilliant at the job you are interviewing for and you are convinced that you are the right person for the job. Unfortunately, you fumbled; left a few things unsaid and felt you did not answer the interviewer’s question adequately enough. All is not lost yet. You still have one last card to play in the form of a thank you letter after interview email.

What a Thank You Letter After Interview Email Does

Demonstrates Your Professionalism – Sending your interviewer a thank you letter exemplifies your professional attitude and shows that you are sincere about getting hired by the company. It also displays your professional etiquette, which is something every organization looks for in their employees.

Helps You Iron Out The Glitches -  In addition to simply extending the courtesy of thanking the interviewers for their time, a thank you letter after interview email offers you the unexpected opportunity of carrying on the conversation from where you left off when you walked out of the interview room.  It allows you to allude to any particular question or to a certain conversation and expand on it or explain your point of view. If you left something unsaid during your interview, this thank you email is your chance to say what’s on your mind. If you feel you may have been misunderstood during the interview, here’s your chance to rectify the misunderstanding and do some crucial damage control. 

Makes You Unforgettable – Interviewers typically see several candidates either on one day or over a span of few days and at the end of it all, it can be really difficult to keep track of every single person. By sheer oversight, your name may not end up on the shortlisted list. However, when you send a thank you letter after interview email, it will jog the interviewer’s memory and put you in the running once again. 

Thank You Letter After Interview Email or Post?

Unless a company is anti- email, you are better off sending your thank you letter after interview by email rather than by traditional mail simply because email is so much faster. Your thank you email will reach the concerned individual within minutes unlike regular mail, which could take at least 3 to 4 days. This can be especially advantageous if the company is in a hurry to make their decision and hire somebody to fill a vacant post. 

A Final Thought

Make sure you provide all of your contact details – phone number, cell number and email address in your thank you letter after interview email so that the interviewer can easily reach for the phone or the computer and send you a message without having to rifle though tons of files looking for your contact details in the original resume.

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