Creating a Great Impression with the Reference Page for Resume

Reference Page for ResumeA reference page for resume indicates the places where you have been employed before and the contact details of the person or company that hired you. Many organizations insist on getting a few employment references.  These should ideally be listed on a separate page and not included in the resume or the cover page. Keep it handy and give it to the interviewer if it is asked for or you can fax the details to the company when they request one.

What Should the Reference Page Include?

A reference page for resume should include the name of the person who you are working for, his or her designation and the name of the company. You should also be able to give contact numbers of the person, or persons concerned, with their address. Some interviewers may ask for references from business acquaintances, relations, or even neighbors, depending on the type of job you are trying to get. Others may require information on the duration you were working, with a company, including your position there and salary. Most companies do not give out too much information.  This is because they do not want to get involved in any problems that could arise from lawsuits.  It is up to the individual to get a reference letter from the company, before leaving them, so that he has proof of being employed in that organization.

Assessing Your Past Experiences

When you send out that reference page for resume, you should try to ensure that there are some details about your qualities at work that are mentioned in the page. The information provided is not to let the hirer know how socially connected you are.  You should be able to impress upon them that you are a responsible worker, your academic abilities, commitment to time, your integrity, honesty and other qualities that you possess. If you can get references from your previous trainers and employers about your skills and leadership qualities, that would also be of tremendous help to boost your resume.

Get Permission from the Individuals Concerned

The main point to remember here is that you should also request permission from the individual to use their name as reference in your reference page for resume. This is because the interviewer may feel obliged to call and question the person concerned about your working capabilities and they should not be caught off-guard. When you are requesting permission, you are also ensuring that the person is reminded, of your working capabilities and integrity. It will pave the way for a better response from the individual concerned.

Make sure you inform the person from whom you sought employment reference when you get that job. Send a short note by email or make a brief call and tell them how much you appreciate their permission to use their name in the reference page for resume.  These small aspects that are generally overlooked once a person gets a job, will stand you in good stead as you climb the ladder of success and carve a career niche for yourself.

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