Vital Points in the Law Enforcement Resume That Ensure You Are the Man for the Job

As a law enforcement officer, your job description will typically include a wide range of duties and when you send out the law enforcement resume, you have to pay special attention and list out all the jobs that were designated to you and which you carried out well, including mentioning the awards, certificates and recognitions received in the different fields.  You can be sure the interviewer will scrutinize these listings before you are called for the interview.

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Important Points to List in the Resume

The best law enforcement resume is therefore generally written out chronologically where you list out your work experience and history. Define your objectives clearly.  Try to condense the resume and use bullet points, so that each work that has been carried out stands out, to make a good impact on the hirer. Studies on the subject reveal that interviewers barely spend sixty seconds glancing through any resume and try to glean maximum information during that time.  It is advisable to spend a lot of time reading and re-reading your resume and then coming up with the best one, where all your capabilities and skills are systematically written down, in priority order.  Your resume should impress the hirer enough to call you for that interview.

Remember that you do not have much time at the interview to explain your qualifications and merits at length.  Here, your communicative skills will be judged, as well as your interactive skills.  The interviewer will assess your physical fitness and your air of assurance.  Your aptitudes will be sought from that law enforcement resume that lies on the desk in front of him.

Mention Training, Technical and Professional Development Skills 

As a law officer, there are many aspects of your job that has to be covered and it would be a good idea to make a summary of the works done before expanding on your professional experience.  If you have picked up any special technical skills, such as security clearance, computer and so on, this is a good time to mention this as it will let your resume stand out in a good light.

Honoring Commitments

Your duties as a law enforcement officer requires a huge commitment and this should be reflected, not only in your law enforcement resume, but also when you meet the interviewer. Impress upon him that your career is a lifetime commitment that you want to excel as the best cop on the beat. Make sure your contact information is clearly written, including phone numbers, so that they can reach you easily.

Check out several templates and sample resumes available online before you find one that you can use and draft out your law enforcement resume.  Make sure you avoid all grammatical and spelling errors.  Get someone to read your resume and correct any tactical mistakes that you may commit when writing out this important document. It is advisable to send out the resume with a cover letter and when you return from that interview, remember to send that all important thank you letter, which will make the interviewer decide that you are the person for the job!

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