Reaching Altitudes With Your Thank You Interview Email

Thank You Interview EmailYou’ve attended the interview and you know you’ve made a great impression on the interviewers by displaying your interactive and communicative skills. The best way to ‘seal the deal’ is to follow it up with a thank you interview email wherein you send your interviewer an email saying thank you for taking the time to interview and you look forward to hearing from them again.

For people who are inexperienced in this aspect, the internet offers a wealth of information on the finer nuances of resume writing. How to go about writing your resume and thank you letters is written about at length online and it is in your best interests to check out several sites and read the advantages and disadvantages so that you come out the winner.

Write Out the Thank You Interview Email Draft in Advance

Prepare for the interview well in advance.  You may send out applications for various posts and you need to ensure that the letters are properly written giving all the pertinent details as required.  When you are doing this, make sure you draft out that thank you interview email letter as you may be too exhausted after a grueling interview to sit down and plan out what you are going to write.  Make your letter brief and if you are sending it by email, ensure that it is no more than a few short paragraphs.  We live in a fast paced society where everything is done quickly and interviewers may be in a hurry to hire people for the job.  You can follow this up with a traditional letter and send it by snail mail, but remember that this will take a couple of days to reach.

Use This Opportunity to Give Yourself a Better Chance at the Post

Research on the subject indicates that not everyone sends out those thank you letters.  This should then be a bonus point for you as your letter may be one of the few received by the interviewer.  If you have forgotten to mention a crucial point, here is your chance! Make mention of some point discussed during the interview and this will remind the interviewer about the impression you had made and perhaps urge him to pull out your folder and place it on the top to consider afresh.  It may just be the winning move that gets you the post.  Therefore, sending out that thank you interview email should be on your priority list when you are writing out those interview letters.

Don That Professional Cloak When You Send Out the Letter

The art of writing to the point is well displayed by the various sample letters written online.  Chose any one format and begin drafting out that thank you interview email.  Thank the interviewer for giving you his time and mention why you feel you would be ideal for the position.  Make sure your attitude is professional and you conduct yourself formally. Zig Ziglar rightly said, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Take your career to a new level as you earn your way up higher.

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