The Importance Of Writing A Cover Letter

Cover LetterNo resume is complete without a cover letter.  This is because, while the resume ideally gives information about you, your educational qualification, age, address and other details, the covering letter formally tells the interviewer why you believe you are the right person for the job and how you can contribute to the success of the organization. You have to make an impression on your potential employers and convince them that you are the right candidate for the position.

The education you have received and the University you have passed out from can make a good impression on the interviewer.  However, effective communication skills are also important and if you can write that cover letter where you let the interviewer know that you are capable of making great headway in their organization because of your leadership skills, ability to handle important issues and confidence, this may drive them to short listing you as one of the candidates to be interviewed.

Should the Letter be Type Written or Hand Written?

Some advertisers insist on hand-written letters.  In case there is no mention of this, you can type out the cover letter but make sure you use the same style and font that you use for the resume.

If you are sending out a hand written letter, make sure you use light colored backgrounds such as white or light grey.  You could choose a nice border but do not send flashy prints and colored paper.  It may have the opposite effect.  

Use a matching envelope and make sure you write your name and address on the back.  Address the letter to the person who is going to interview you if you have the name or to the recruiting officer of the company.

Follow Basic Rules

Your letter should showcase your talents.  Your grades and levels are already listed in the resume.  Do not dwell on these but let your assurance and beliefs in your capabilities and skills shine through the cover letter.  You have invested a great deal in your education.  Now you have to sell yourself so that you reap the benefits of that investment. The interviewer should feel your confidence in yourself through the cover letter that you send along with the resume. 

Your letter should sound personal and not stereo-type or standardized.  Let your interviewers know how interested you are in joining their organization and how your skills can help boost the company’s growth and most importantly, their bottom-line.

Be Positive and Self-Assured

Sounding confident is not the same as being arrogant.  It is important to be affable and not pompous, while still letting them know that you are eagerly looking forward to being a part of the organization and contributing to their continuous success. Your cover letter should be written after great deliberation so that you get the tone right. In the final paragraph you thank the interviewer for his time and let them know that you are available for the interview

After you’ve finished writing out the cover letter, read it aloud and ensure that it sounds right. Request a friend to read it to make sure you do not overstep the line but sound positive and confident. Check for grammatical and spelling mistakes too as they can detract from the final impression. 

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