Sealing The Deal With An Interview Thank You Letter

Interview Thank You LetterBusiness etiquette demands that you develop basic people skills and effective communication techniques to promote your standing in an organization.  Being highly skilled at the job is a requirement but learning how to land that job is just as important.  Considerable fore-thought and effort should be given to writing out your resume, cover letter and interview thank you letter, as this is where you start to make an impression and hope to secure the position.

Reasons for Writing out an Interview Thank You Letter

Millions of applicants vie for the same position in organizations.  Interviewers are hard-pressed to keep tabs on the numbers and may short-list a few, so that they could go over the resumes and refer the salient comments they may have jotted down, against each one’s application.  Your letter will be a positive reminder of the points discussed during the meeting.  You may have made an impression on the interviewer.  You may have shared a common interest.  Perhaps you have been shortlisted to being one of the final three contestants.  All things being equal, this letter may be the one thing that will tip the scales in your favor.

Importance of Writing an Interview Thank You Note

Surveys indicate that most candidates do not deem it necessary to send out those notes.  Only 10% of the total job applicants bother to send out thank you letters after an interview. However, it has also been proved that most managers are impressed by thank you letters and more importantly, it may help to jog their memory by something you wrote that may remind them, why you were singled out from the rest.

Mailing That Important Thank You Letter

Should the letter be hand-written, typed or emailed?  These are frequently asked questions that should be reviewed depending on the prevalent circumstances. If you are aware of the expected time-frame of the selection process, send out that letter accordingly.

If you are keen on getting that job, then it is best to send out that letter as soon as you return from the interview so that it reaches the interviewer within two days.  The meeting will still be fresh in his mind and it may impress him enough to give your resume another once-over.  An email may be a short note but it serves the purpose if there is insufficient time for the letter to reach the organization before selection.

 A formal thank you letter sent by post is generally the best form of acknowledgement though circumstances may vary. Make the interview thank you letter brief and to the point. 

Wait for a couple of days after you send out that interview thank you letter.  You can either call the organization to find out if the post has been filled or call the interviewer, if he has given you a number.  You can leave a voice mail if the call is not picked up and leave your name, message and telephone number. You may just  get that important call or note, to say that you have been selected.

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