Locking In the Position with the Right Internship Cover Letter

Internship Cover LetterGetting an internship in an organization can be very difficult as there is a lot of competition. Millions of applications are received by organizations who find it hard-pressed to go through the entire lists. A good impression makes a lot of difference when trying to covet that job.  HR Managers have attained the enviable post by using their skills and abilities and with experience, they are able to quickly spot a likely trainee.  A few are shortlisted from the many applications and letters inviting them for an interview are sent out to prospective candidates.  A professional internship cover letter gives the interviewer a good indication of your qualifications as well as writing skills.

Using Templates and Samples

There is no harm in scouring the internet and checking out the various samples and templates available and learning how to go about writing that internship cover letter.  However, it is not advisable to copy-paste or follow any format blindly.  Browse through several examples and then use the best one where most of the details provided are facts and efforts, made by you, to make your letter unique and stand out from the pack.

Define an Internship Cover Letter

This is what interviewers look at when you first apply for an internship position. Make sure you spend time pondering over the letter before you send it as it should not only be impressive but it should contain all the details about your skills and qualifications.  Take pride in your abilities and let the organization know that you can perform the job satisfactorily if they gave you the chance. Your internship cover letter should have all the right emotions and words without being overbearing or coming on too strong.

Follow the Golden Rule of Being Courteous

Be polite yet at the same time firm.  You should sound affable and maintain a cordial tone.  Remember that this letter is different from writing a personal letter.  The expressions and words used should be written after great deliberation. Make sure your letter does not sound pompous.  Instead, let your eagerness and willingness to share your expertise, or learn the ropes, shine through so that the interviewer feels your enthusiasm and ponders a little longer over your resume.

Qualities that Make a Difference

Make sure you follow the format that is specific to cover letters.  Follow a structure but try to introduce a personal touch that credits your particular abilities and skills. Depending on the post, highlight your particular qualifications that reflect on the nature of the job.  Let the organization know you could make that difference if they gave you the golden opportunity of using that position to mutual advantage.

Large organizations generally hire people who have good teamwork skills.  Therefore let them glimpse some activities, or expressions that assure them that you can fit into their organization easily, so that you will work with the rest of the employees towards a common goal of furthering the business prospects of the company. Effective communication skills, good achievements and using an active voice in your internship cover letter could land you that much coveted job in the organization.

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