Points to Ponder When Writing Out a Professional Thank You Letter

Professional Thank You LetterThe importance of sending out a professional thank you letter after attending an interview cannot be overstated, especially in today’s world.  We live in a fast-paced, result-oriented society, where we cannot afford to miss out on any chance to further our career design and stand out from the rest.  However, writing a formal letter may not come easily to everyone.  You need to use art as well as science to put thoughts to paper in such a way that it strikes the right balance and delivers the message promptly and efficiently.

Express your Thoughts with Crystal Clarity

Writing a professional thank you letter is not the same as writing a personal letter where you let your emotions show through.  This letter should be formal and you address the interviewer in an active voice in the hope of making a good impression.  Do not beat around the bush or make the letter lengthy.  In the first paragraph you thank the interviewer for giving you his time and express your gratitude politely for the opportunity. Make sure you mention the position for which you have applied.  It is advisable to mention the date and time of the interview in the first paragraph.  Try to be focused and crystal clear.

Body of the Letter

Try to limit your letter to about two paragraphs. Keep it short and concise. Use this opportunity to briefly dwell on your special skills and qualifications. Let your enthusiasm for working in their organization show and let them know how you can be the right person for the job.  If you and the interviewer shared a few quips or thoughts on the company, mention it briefly in the body of the letter. A professional thank you letter lets the interview know that you are really interested in the job. Do not be ambiguous.

Ending the Letter

Reiterate your confidence and ability to take up the job while thanking the interviewer once more for considering you for the job. Here you can mention that you look forward to getting an affirmative reply soon and give a date when you will call the company to find out the position. End the letter with, “Very truly yours,” “Sincerely yours” or just, “Sincerely.” Make sure you give your return address and telephone number in case they decide that you are the one for the job and wish to contact you immediately.

Tips on Sending Writing and Sending a Professional Thank You Letter

Do not wait for many days to elapse before sending the letter.  Ideally, you should make it a point to send it within the first two days of the interview.  The format of the letter must look business-like. 

• Address the interview correctly. 
• Write down his or her name and designation. 
• Proofread your letter several times or get someone to check for grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.
• Thank each one of the interviewers personally if there were more than one person who interviewed you.

Use these valuable tips to ensure that you send out that professional thank you letter which may just land you the position.

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