Proper Etiquette For Sending A Job Interview Thank You Letter

Job Interview Thank You LetterWith unemployment on the rise, it is becoming increasingly more important to seek solid advice and use relevant information when trying to secure a job today.  Graduates who have no experience find it very difficult to procure work, especially since most of the organizations prefer experience and advanced skills.  Therefore time and fore-thought to landing a job in a good organization are of primary importance. 

You may have to send out your resume to several companies and institutions before you finally land a job and learning to extend common courtesies and acquiring basic people skills are all vital qualities that will impact your chances of success. When you do get selected for an interview, you should strive to make a good impression on your interviews by using your best presentation skills and following it up immediately with that job interview thank you letter.

Using Cyberspace to Your Advantage

We live in an electronic-oriented world where everything is fast-paced and result-oriented.  The necessity to stick to traditional methods of sending snail mail has been superseded by the excellent facilities provided by the internet.  Sending an email takes just a few minutes and it has become the accepted norm today.  While a formal letter is definitely more impressive than a short email note, if the decision to select the right candidate for a job is immediate, a job interview thank you letter may not serve the purpose.  In such situations, a short, polite email may be more effective.

Research Content and Samples

If you are not sure about the format or the wording of the email, scour the internet with advanced search engines to read samples and templates available for writing that job interview thank you letter.  Keep in mind that these samples will differ from one site to another and some sites may actually provide you with information that is not entirely correct.  Take time to browse well and long to find the right samples that give you pertinent information and then use your judgement and write out a cordial letter that refers specifically to your interview and the job you are seeking.

Several sites list out resume letters, cover letters, thank you email notes and offer templates too.  Spend time understanding how best to use these to advantage when you write out that resume with a cover letter and prepare your job interview thank you letter in readiness for sending, as soon as you return from that interview. 

Content of the Thank You Letter

Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind when writing your job interview thank you letter:

Keep the letter short and to the point. 

Address it to the person who interviewed you.  Use the name that the interviewer used when he interviewed you.  For instance, if his name read Mr. George Lawson and he said, “Hi, call me George”, then you should address the letter as “Dear George”.

The cover of the letter should be addressed, “Mr. George Lawson”, with his designation clearly spelled out.

Restrict the tone of your letter to formal and affable.  Do not try to be familiar even if the interviewer was friendly and made some quips.  It would however help if you drew attention to a line mentioned during the interview.  It could be something related to the working of the organization.  Mention this as it will help to jog his memory when he reads your job interview thank you letter.

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