The Essence of Writing a Job Thank You Letter

Job Thank You LetterAn interview is conducted to source out the right candidate for the job in an organization.  Your resume, cover letter and the way you conduct yourself at the interview are all important considerations.   A job thank you letter will definitely make an impression on the interviewer though this is something many people do not think is necessary.  Sometimes it may help you land the job just because you continue to impress your interviewer enough to pull out your resume and take that second look!

The Interviewer and the Interviewee

Many people recruit for the same position and the recruiting officer in charge has the responsibility of ensuring he makes the right choice.

On the other hand, each interviewee has a limited amount of time to impress the interviewer and let him know that he is suitable for the job. The onus is on the recruiting officer to ask the right questions and check whether the candidate fits the bill.

The first impression is always crucial.  Since there are several candidates vying for the same position, you plan and prepare for the interview well in advance.  You also try to gather as much information about the workings of the organization and enthusiastically let the interviewer know how well you can adapt yourself and help them in their endeavor to make the company grow and prosper.  It does not stop here.  Within 24 hours, you must send that job thank you letter if you feel that you can be the right person for the job.

How to Follow-Up with the Letter

There may be many interviews if you have been shortlisted for the job.  Does this mean you have to write a job thank you letter after each one? Statistics prove that this is the right thing to do.  You could send a short email note to show your gratitude and let them know that you are equally interested in taking up the job. If you have been interviewed by more than one person, you should send each one an individual letter which is not standardized.  Address each one separately and if you remember the points brought up by them, or something you forgot to mention, here is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Purpose of Writing The Letter

A job thank you letter therefore serves many purposes.  You express a common courtesy which makes you stand out from the pack.  Your letter should be well thought out and if you remember a quip or any saying pertaining to the company that was mentioned, make a mention of it when thanking the interviewer.  This will jolt his memory when he reads it and if he was in the process of making that final decision, the letter may just be the reason he felt that you could be the prospective candidate with the right skills, to handle the position.

The time frame for sending out the job thank you letter is ideally within the first twenty four hours of the interview.  Everything is still fresh in your mind and the company may be in a hurry to select the right employee. It always pays to be prompt, efficient and courteous in the workplace.

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