Tip The Scales In Your Favour With A Thank You Note After Interview

Thank You Note After InterviewSaying “thank you,” indicates that you have a good disposition, are grateful and that you get along well with people.  Many employers appreciate this gesture from the candidates who go through the interview process. You may help them remember you in a special way after the interview.  The thank you note after interview may make a difference in their final decision by tipping the scales in your favour.

What do Recruiting Officers Look for in a Candidate?

The questions asked during the interview will give you a clear indication of the job description and role that is available for you.  It is up to you to make a good impression.  You have very little time to do this.  Remember that there are several candidates who are interested in the same post.  You should therefore have all the right answers as to why you should be chosen over the rest.  The interviewer may ask you if you were experienced in a certain line or subject.  Be honest and let him know that you are a keen learner in case this is your first job.  Be enthusiastic and listen carefully so that you answer to the point.

When you are through with the interview, you will probably feel exhausted and want to rest.  Recap quickly on all that happened and if you remember something you may have omitted, remember, you have another chance.  Mention this in your thank you letter and let them know how you look forward to working in their organization.
What are the advantages of writing a thank you note after interview?

You demonstrate that you are good with basic people skills when you send off that letter.  You express gratefulness for the time given to you which is appreciated as very few people take the time to write these letters after the interview.  By letting them know you are organized and capable of good communication, you increase the affinity of those who wish to hire you. You could request the interviewer to consider you for another position if the opportunity presented itself in case they find someone more suitable than you.  This has worked in several cases because of the way the thank you letter after interview was worded.  No letter of appreciation goes unnoticed unless it is one of those standardized templates that are freely available online that may or may not leave an impression.

When do you Write out the Thank You Note After Interview?

The ideal time to write this note is within the first twenty-four hours if not sooner.  This is because most companies recruit staff almost immediately.  If you do not have time to write a normal letter, you could send a brief email which should not exceed more than a couple of paragraphs.  If there is time, you can follow this thank you note after interview with a regular letter by mail post. Reiterating your interest in the position is the best way to keep the options open for the interviewer when selecting the best candidate for the job.

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