Make The Most Of The Meeting With A Thank You Letter Interview

Thank You Letter InterviewThe interview went off very well after a grueling session of testing your skills with a written test.  You met a panel of interviewers and answered their questions confidently.  Some of them were pleasant and even cracked funny one-liners which you understood and could not help but laugh out loud in appreciation.  You probably feel that you are going to get that job. 

However, the buck does not end here.  There is still one final thing you need to do and that is to sit down and send of a thank you letter interview to the interviewers.  If you had given each of them your card when you entered the discussion room, they would have reciprocated.  If you do not remember all their names, use the cards as a reminder and send out those letterl but some of them made an impression on you.  Everything is still fresh in your mind regarding the questions asked and the quips made.  Do it now!

Addressing the Letter After an Interview

Remember the interviewer who asked you to call him by name?  Address the letter to him by the same name and drop the formal salutation of Mr. Smith, or Mr. Whatever-the-surname. This will immediately draw his attention to the thank you letter interview if you also mention a line or two that was discussed during the meeting.

Chances are your interviewers would have informed you of the job description and what they were specifically looking for in the candidate.  If you remember post interview that you had forgotten to mention a particular point or a reference to something that you had performed on a similar line at some earlier stage, this is the opportunity to let them know how enthusiastic you are about the job and that you are qualified to carry out the same.

Why Your Thank You Letter Should Not Be Stereo-Typed?

You may think it would be simpler to write one thank you letter interview and send it to the different interviewers in the room.  That would be a fatal mistake! Sure, you had to face a panel of interviewers and they were paying attention and the questions and answers were heard by all. However, etiquette demands that you never, ever send out standardized letters. Doing this, will stand you in a bad light. 

Instead, write individual thank you letters to each individual who interviewed you and make sure you spell their name correctly.  Write their designation and thank them for the time given to you and tell them how much you enjoyed the discussions during the interview.

Reasons for Sending Out the Thank You Letter Interview

The job of the recruiting officers is very strenuous.  Hundreds of interviews are conducted regularly and it is difficult to keep track of each one.  Recent studies done on the subject indicate that only about 10% of those interviewed care to write out a thank you letter interview. Hence, the chances of getting your folder removed from the stack and placed on top are greater when you extend this simple courtesy. Best of Luck!

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