Reasons To Make Your Resume Cover Letter Stand Out

Resume Cover LetterA resume cover letter is a kind of job application letter that is uploaded or sent along with the resume. This is a crucial letter and how you word it can make the difference between you landing that job or not. This will be fact the first letter that your potential employer will read and it will create that all important first impression. Taking the trouble to ensure that it is well written, informative without being too long and tedious, will have a huge impact on whether or not you  get called to the interview in the first place.

The Cover Letter and the Resume

A resume is a letter written to let your prospective clients know that you are   extremely capable of working in their organization. It is a marketing tool that you use to let them know all about your personal background, educational qualifications and accomplishments.  The covering letter should add that personal touch that will make them interested in giving you that interview and evoke their interest in your qualifications and expertise. Therefore it is essential to spend sufficient time to planning out the letter before actually sending it.

Why Should You Send Out a Resume Cover Letter?

While your resume will give the employer complete details about yourself and your qualifications and experience, the cover letter is an effective way to convince the employer of your skills and experience.  Here is where you let them know that you are the right candidate for the job because of your expertise in handling situations and producing results. 

Selecting the Right Resume Cover Letter Type

It is important to design and customize your letter according to the type of job position that you seek. You may be applying for a specific job opening or you could be using the referral of an acquaintance to get a job.  You may also be sending out prospective letters of interest to companies where you feel there may be openings for your type of expertise and qualifications.  Ensure that you target the job type with a suitable and relevant cover letter so that you get the job.

Salient Tips to Writing a Good Resume Cover Letter

• Make sure you format the cover letter with a good presentation. 
• Proof read the letter several times to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
• Ensure that you address the cover letter properly.  It is advisable to use the name of the person, who is hiring you, if you have the information.  It is best to avoid addressing letters with “Dear Sir/Madam”.
• In your cover letter, make sure you list the accomplishments and skills and not write unnecessary details about yourself. 
• Keep your letter to the point and focus on highlighting the essential features pertaining to the job description.

If you are unsure of how to go about writing this letter, use cover letter templates that can help you create a personalized cover letter. While you can use samples that can be downloaded online for reviewing purposes, you should strive to make out your own resume cover letter. A well written letter will dramatically increase your chances of securing that esteemed position in the organization.

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