Make A Winning Move With That Thank You Letter After Interview Email

Thank You Letter After Interview EmailA thank you letter after interview email is a great way to let your interviewers know that you have basic people skills. This, in addition to your considerable educational qualifications and work experience will put you ahead of all the other prospective candidates who are also being interviewed for the same position.

It is important to be knowledgeable about good business ethics when you begin to seek employment.  Understanding etiquette is just as important as having the right qualifications for any job. Chances are, when faced with two or more candidates with the same qualifications and work experience, interviewers will finally choose the one who seemed to have that special quality that the others lacked- etiquette and people skills.  This is where a thank you letter after interview email can give you the competitive edge.

Preparing for the Interview

Before you set out for the interview, you should be well prepared for the many questions and perhaps tests of skill that may be presented.  In addition, it is also a good idea to prepare the thank you letter after interview email in advance so that you can fill in the details when you return.  In case you found that the interview went favorably, you may want to add a few points that you may have forgotten to mention that will stand you in better stead.  The interviewer may appreciate the email and remember you as the person who could be the likely candidate for the post.  This gives you an edge as most often people do not think it is necessary to send out that thank you letter after an interview.

Writing Out the Thank Letter After Interview Email

Here are a few points you need to keep in mind when writing out a thank you letter after interview email:

  1. Address the interviewers with the right name and spelling in the letter.  Make no mistakes about that. 
  2. Send separate letters to each one who you feel were important and gave you their time.  Do not send out group letters with stereo-typed messages. 
  3. Protocol demands that you write out a formal letter addressing the interviewer concerned respectfully and avoiding the use of “I”, “me” and “my.” Instead, use the words, “you” and “yours” and refer to the interview as a “meeting.”
  4. Mention the date of the interview and the post you were being interviewed for in the first paragraph when thanking the interviewer for the time taken.

Concluding the Thank You Letter After Interview Email

Email messages should be contained to about a paragraph or two at the most.  You can follow it up with a letter sent by mail if you feel there is sufficient time for the interviewers to make a decision.  Do all this on the same day of the interview or the next day latest.  Have your letter checked out by a friend for errors.  Proof read several times and make sure the tone is personable and direct rather than personal or friendly.
Make sure you write out the person’s name and title of the interviewer on the cover.  Insert your business card or write your full details in the return area of the envelope including your contact number. End the thank you letter after interview email with “Sincerely,” or “Respectfully.” Good luck in landing that job!

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