Follow-Up With Thank You Letters After Interview

Thank You Letters After InterviewThank you letters after interview give you a crucial window of opportunity to add something that you may have forgotten during the interview and allow the interviewer to see that you are really keen on being selected for the job.

An interview can be very exhausting at the end of the day.  The stress of the preparations and of the actual interview can leave you feeling drained when it is all over but you feel good about it as you feel everything went rather smoothly. Even if you think you conducted yourself pretty well through the numerous questions asked and excelled at the written tests, you need to follow-up with thank you letter, which should ideally be sent out within 24 hours of the interview.

Use the Resources at Hand for Drafting Your Letter

Take advantage of the resources provided by cyberspace to learn more about extending common courtesies when trying to find gainful employment. Use the guidelines suggested in this article to write out thank you letters after interview and pack in that important punch to secure the job. Take note of how to format your letter and the style, length and tone to use that will make it stand out and make the interviewer take a second look at your resume.

If you are sending an email, make sure it is just a few lines and not a lengthy one.  A letter sent by mail could be more formal and the matter could be written in three to four short paragraphs. Avoid calling or sending a text message after a first interview.

How to Start Your Letter

Thank you letters after interview should ideally start by thanking the interviewer for the interview. Make sure you mention the date and posting for which you were called.  Also, don’t forget to express your enthusiasm and let your interviewer know that you are very interested in joining their esteemed organization.  If you omitted something important in your resume, this is the chance to mention it without using the words, “forgot to mention.”  Instead, stress on your qualifications and expertise for handling the job and your confidence in the ability to increase the profits of the organization.

Body of the Letter

The letter should be formal. Do not try to sound too familiar.  You may have shared views on a particular subject or perhaps even laughed over it.  Casually mention this and inform the interviewer how you agreed with his point or that you appreciated his spontaneous levity. Be professional and to the point; trying to be “friendly” or familiar will get you nowhere. Since you know what the job entails, let them know that you feel you can handle the job creditably.

Concluding the Thank You Letters After Interview

Be courteous and thank the interviewer again for the time taken to talk to you and offer to speak on the phone, or in person, if there were further clarifications needed. Tell them you look forward to hearing from them again with a positive reply.  Make sure that you send out these letters to the important people who interviewed you as there may be more than one.  Send each one individual letters and make sure you spell their names right as you find them in their visiting cards.  You could also enclose your visiting card in the thank you letters after interview.

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