Salient Tips For Writing That “Thank You” Letter For Interview

Thank You Letter For InterviewWriting a thank you letter for interview is an integral concept that most interviewers regard as a norm. It shows potential employers that you are serious about climbing up that ladder of success in your career path.  You are also letting the organization know that you are keen on taking up the job while assuring them of your basic people skills.

Who should you send this letter to? Ideally, to all the people who interviewed you in the office including the recruitment officer who coordinated the interview.

Everyone who goes for an interview does not follow-up with a thank you letter compulsorily.   However, the chances of your letter being read by the management are brighter because of the fact that only about 10% of those interviewed bother to send this thank you letter for interview. 

Style and Tone

Begin your letter thanking the interviewer for giving you his valuable time and let him know how much you are looking forward to working in the organization.  The letter should be brief and create a strong impression on the person reading the same.  Use a formal and cordial tone and do not be gushy or over friendly.  Interviewers rarely look forward to being friends with someone they have just interviewed. What they are looking for is someone who has strong personal and professional etiquette and who will add value to their organization.

Highlight Your Expertise

Use this opportunity of writing the thank you letter for interview to highlight points that you think will interest your interviewer sufficiently to hire you for the job.  The questions asked at the interview will give you an indication of whether you can fit the bill.  If you have some points that you would like to get across, use this opportunity as you may not have mentioned it in your resume. 

Reiterating specific success points may tip the balance in your favor especially if you were one of the three slotted for getting the job. The interviewer would have given you a fair idea of the type of person they were looking at and you can stress on your expertise and capabilities in the field. 

Express enthusiasm and write down a few lines in your thank you letter for interview that will let them know you are interested and confident that you are the man for the job. Let the confidence and assurance convince them that they are looking at the right person for the right post. Let your thoughts flow constructively and read a few letters that have already been written to give you an idea of the direction to take to train those thoughts.

Proof-Read and Check for Typos

Nothing could be more catastrophic as a letter with typos and grammatical errors as this may be the cause of you being rejected outright, even though you conducted yourself with aplomb, at the interview.  Read your thank you letter for interview several times over before you actually mail it to the party or parties concerned. A well-formatted letter is sure to get the concerned people rethinking and pulling out your folder to have another look at your resume. You may just land yourself that job!

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