Nailing The Post With An Interview Thank You Letter

Interview Thank You LetterGetting ready for an interview? You would have spent a lot of time planning what you were going to say and how you were going to pitch your sales talk to try and land yourself that job.  Did the interview go as you expected?  Were you able to get your points across or did you forgot some important points that you know would have been winning moves? Whether you think the interview went well or not, you still have one ace up your sleeve. You can use the interview thank you letter to incorporate those forgotten points but make sure you send it within the next 24 hours.

Addressing The Interview Thank You Letter

You may have been interviewed by just one person or a panel of interviewers. There may be a staff member who coordinated the recruitment handling. Did they give your their visiting card or did you have to ask for them?  Use the addresses available and send each of them a short email.  Your interview thank you letter should not be stereo-type.  If you remember certain information given you by the interviewer, use that to tell them that it made a great impression on you.  This could jog their memory and make them want to look at your resume again.

Contents of the Interview Thank You Letter

Remember that the letter serves as a follow-up of the interview so keep it brief and to the point.  Your letter should be formal and care should be taken to spell the name of the interviewer right.  Proof-read the letter several times over before mailing it and make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes.  You may have impressed them with the way you behaved and the way you answered their questions during the interview.  Do not spoil it now by writing a letter riddled with mistakes or writing one that is so lengthy that they lose interest in even going through the contents.

Formatting the Interview Thank You Letter

Email is an accepted norm in today’s business world.  Sending a letter by snail mail may defeat the purpose as it could reach too late.  Try sending the letter within the first 24 hours of the time of the interview.  Your letter should be organized well. Check out several sample letters that you can download for free online and try to write on similar lines.  Thank the interviewer for the time spent on you during the interview and state why you think you would be ideally suited for the job.  If you have forgotten to mention something during the interview, do it now, but make sure it is relevant and not unnecessary information being provided.

Is There Really a Need to Send an Interview Thank You Letter?

While some feel it is not necessary to send an interview thank you letter, the truth is it can do you no harm. Moreover, this is a great way of letting the concerned people know that you are interested in the job.  The letter should be written as meticulously as the personal resume that was submitted. This may be the proverbial nail that clinched the job offer.

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