Make An Impression With A Thank You Letter After Interview

Thank You Letter After InterviewCertain etiquette in the work environment is expected and encouraged and you can be sure potential employers will always take a note of any courteous gesture you make even before you are employed with them. If you watched your P’s and Q’s during the entire interview and are quite proud of the way you handled it, why not seal the deal with a thank you letter. A well written thank you letter after interview speaks volumes about you and can create an indelible impression with interviewer who may just want to take a second look at your resume.

While this may not necessarily guarantee you the job, especially if someone else has already been selected for the post, this simple act could put you back in the running.

Should You Email or Post the Thank You Letter After Interview?

The thank you letter can either be emailed or posted to the company where the interview was conducted.  Remember that posting a soft copy may take longer to reach whereas a hard copy can be sent within a few hours of the interview. The main purpose of sending this thank you letter after interview is that the interviewer may already have ear-marked the candidate.  If you were the one he would be impressed even further.  If the person chosen was unable to take up the job for some reason, you could stand a chance of vying for the post. If your letter made mention of a few observations noticed during the interview, the interviewer would certainly remember you.  That does not mean you write a lengthy letter.  Make a brief mention of a casual remark made or why you are interested in the job.  You could even cover a few salient points that you forgot to mention during the interview.

What is the Take on Calling or Sending a Thank You Phone SMS to the Interviewer?

This depends on many factors.  If the organization is too large and you had to go through a series of interviewers, the chances are that they may not remember you.  If your interview in a small company was one among just a handful, you may be jumping the gun with a phone call or sms.  Ideally, it is better to write a thank letter after interview rather than send a sms or make a call unless you have received a call back.

Tone and Timeframe for Writing the Thank You Letter After Interview

Ensure that the thank you letter is sent within 24 hours of your interview.  This may be the time for making decisions and it is a good idea to send them something that will help them remember you and your resume, by sending out a formal letter of thanks.  In your letter, let them know that you feel you fit the bill and give reasons for why you think so.  Remember to keep your thank you letter after interview short and to the point and keep the tone cordial and courteous without being too familiar.  Before you send it off, check carefully that your letter is error-free.  Good luck with landing that job!

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